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Route 11

Route 11 is known as the Katahdin Woods and Waters Scenic Byway and is the main route to drive into the park.

  • To the north, take Route 11 to Route 159. Follow Route 159 to Grand Lake Road to access the northern section of the park.
  • To the south, follow Route 11 to Swift Brook Road to enter the southern portion of the park. Depending on weather conditions, the 14-mile scenic loop road may be closed.
  • To the Seboeis Parcel, take Route 11 to Route 159. From Route 159 you can access the Seboeis Parcel by Waters Road (which becomes American Thread Road), or by Grondin Road. Proceed with caution! Logging trucks always have the right of way! The roads are not maintained during the winter. The roads in this area are uneven, rocky, muddy, and rugged. 
  • Refer to the maps page for maps to download.

Last updated: January 29, 2024

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