• Color photo of the Liberty Bell, a bronze bell with wooden yoke.

    Liberty Bell Center

    This ordinary State House bell was transformed into an extraordinary symbol of liberty.

  • Color photo of Assembly Room with green cloth-covered tables facing a single table up front.

    Independence Hall

    The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were both signed here.

  • Color photo showing room with three rows of tiered seating facing a raised dias with a single chair.

    Congress Hall

    The Congress of the U.S. met here for ten years (1790-1800) while Philadelphia served as the nation's capital.

  • Color photo of exhibit case with text panels and silver inkstand.

    Great Essentials Exhibit, West Wing

    On display are original printed documents and the silver inkstand believed to be the one used to sign the Declaration and U.S. Constitution.

  • Color photo looking down on courtroom, showing raised bench for judges with table below.

    Old City Hall

    This building was home to the Supreme Court of the United States from 1791-1800.

  • Color photo of exhibit area with a picture of one man (foreground) with rows of portraits behind.

    Second Bank of the United States

    Over 150 portraits of the founders grace the walls in this portrait gallery.

  • Color photo of outdoor exhibit showing glass enclosure and brick wall with exhibit panels.

    President's House Site

    The original home is gone, but outdoor exhibits reveal much about President Washington and his household.

  • Black and white photo of a narrow alley lined with multi-story buildings.

    Franklin Court Courtyard

    Much has changed at this site, even just from when this photo was taken in 1950.

  • Color photo of male park ranger holding inking tools near a copy of an 18th century printing press.

    Franklin Court Printing Office

    Although not Franklin's shop, this printing office tells the story of Franklin and printing.

  • Color photo of a statue of George Washington on a plinth with a tomb and eternal flame below.

    Washington Square

    One of the original five squares, this park features a memorial to George Washington and the unknown soldiers of the American Revolution.

  • Black and white photo from the 1920's showing the large marble building with old vehicles near it.

    Merchants' Exchange Building

    Now park headquarters and home to a small lobby exhibit, this building was once the city's mercantile hub.

  • Color photo of rows of wooden pews facing a single desk and chair in the front of the room.

    Free Quaker Meeting House

    Free Quakers established their own place of worship in this building in 1783.

  • Exterior view of three story red brick building with numerous windows on each level.

    City Tavern

    This tavern served as a popular gathering spot for businessmen, travelers, politicians, and the city's social elite.

  • Color photo of a large open hearth with iron and copper cooking pots.

    Germantown White House

    President Washington held cabinet meetings here, and later lived here with his family and servants.

  • Color photo of study restored to 19th century appearance, with bookcases and Windsor chair.

    Bishop White House

    Bishop William White lived in this home with his family.

  • Black and white photo from 1947 showing the exterior of a brick building with a

    Dolley Todd House

    Home to future First Lady Dolley Madison and her first husband, John Todd, this house later became a luncheonette.

  • Color photo of marble building with columns supporting a triangular pediment.

    First Bank of the United States

    This bank was at the heart of an early Constitutional struggle.

  • Interior view of a parlor with a swivel chair at a table and a tall case clock along the wall.

    Declaration House

    Thomas Jefferson and Robert Hemings resided here when Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence.

  • Color photo of bronze sculpture of drum draped by flag.

    New Hall Military Museum

    Home to the War Department in the 1790's, the museum highlights the history of the Continental Army, Navy, and Marines.

Last updated: July 5, 2021

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