Natural Resource Monitoring at Saugus Iron Works NHS

Saugus Iron Works
Saugus Iron Works NHS buildings and waters.

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Saugus lron Works is a reconstruction of the first successful, integrated iron works in the New World. It produced wrought iron and cast iron products from 1646 to approximately 1670, using the most advanced iron-making technology in early Colonial times. On April 5th, 1968 the site was renamed Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site and became part of the National Park System because of its significance to the character, development, and history of the United States.

The historic structures of the Iron Works are nestled along the banks of the Saugus River, an important natural resource for newly-settled families and workers to the area during the 17th century. The Saugus River and Turning Basin are fundamental features of the historic landscape. The tidally influenced river is a natural resource for the wide variety of plants, animals, and other organisms that depend on the river, riparian woodlands, and surrounding marshes as an important habitat.

Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site has high biodiversity. The site contains over 200 species of plants, 74 species of birds, 11 species of mammals, four species of reptiles and amphibians, and at least 11 species of fish. Despite its small size, the park supports numerous and interesting species that can be seen by visitors.

Long Term Monitoring Programs in the Park


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Park Basline Inventories

The Inventory and Monitoring Program provides guidance, funding, and technical assistance for parks to complete a set of 12 baseline, or "basic", natural resource inventories. These basic inventories are common to all parks with significant natural resources, and are intended to provide park managers with the minimum information needed to effectively manage the natural resources of their park.


Park Species Lists

Species lists are available from NPSpecies, the National Park Service's tool for documenting park biodiversity. Keep in mind that these species lists are a work-in-progress. Changes and updates are made as more species are shepherded through a rigorous vetting process. The absence of a species from a list produced with the tool below doesn't necessarily mean the species is absent from a park.

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Non NPS Citizen Science Opportunities in the Park

Bird observations from eBird

Saugus Iron Works NHS has been set up in eBird as a birding "hotspot". To view information on recent and hisotric bird observations in the park, click here.

Species observations from iNaturalist

Learn how you can contribute to iNaturalist

View Saugus Iron Works NHS data on iNaturalist website


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