Water: The Lifeblood of Nature

Water is vital to our planet. In fact, 71% of our Earth is covered by water. Rushing rivers, soothing oceans, active wetlands, and even the water you can’t see, all contribute a healthy functioning ecosystem. National Parks feature some of the most pristine waters in the U.S. Since water is so vital to both people and nature, we must preserve it for future generations. 

Park ranger explaining directions of study to two children.

Water Quality in Cuyahoga Valley

In this episode, take a trip down the Cuyahoga River to learn about water quality monitoring.

Under river shot of oar in water.

Beneath the Surface

Learn more about the water quality of NPS Wild and Scenic Rivers.

Aerial view of rainbow colored hot springs.


Learn more about the water you can't see in National Parks.

Child filling up water bottle at grand canyon filling station.

Conserving Water

Learn the ways you can help preserve water.

Last updated: March 6, 2019