Rebecca Dorsey Ridgely

Painting of Rebecca Dorsey Ridgely in a blue dress.
Rebecca Dorsey Ridgely by John Hesselius.


The wife of Captain Charles Ridgely (who commissioned Hampton mansion to be built), Rebecca Dorsey Ridgely (1740-1812), was the first mistress of Hampton. She witnessed the construction of the mansion, but did not live there for long. After her husband’s death, she turned the new house over to her nephew, Charles Carnan Ridgely, and moved to a nearby estate in what is now Towson (now known as "Auburn"). Rebecca was a fervent and early convert to Methodism and donated a great deal of money to Robert Strawbridge, an Irish immigrant and preacher who is now recognized as the founder of Methodism in America.

Last updated: June 24, 2020

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