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A crowd of people on Mather Point at sunset.
Summer 2019 Schedule - Park Ranger Programs: South Rim Village

All outdoor programs are subject to cancellation due to inclement weather or when lightning danger is present. Summer thunderstorms frequently can occur through early September with the potential for torrential rains, frequent lightning, and sudden flash floods.

Note: Children must be accompanied by an adult on all programs. All programs are free of charge.

Ranger-led hiking group on unpaved trail through reddish dirt approaching a flat area 1,120 feet or 340 meters below the canyon rim. A triangular-shaped butte appears just beyond the flat area.
Group of hikers walking down the trail towards Cedar Ridge, O'Neil Butte towering in the background.
7 am Daily
(Meet at South Kaibab Trailhead)
Guided Cedar Ridge Hike
A moderate 3 mile (4.8 km) roundtrip hike on an unpaved trail. Allow 4 hours. Minimum 2 liters of water per person. Bring salty snacks, sunscreen, and wear sturdy hiking shoes. Discover the canyon's beauty and natural history while descending 1,120 ft (340 m). Not recommended for people with heart or respiratory problems, or difficulty walking.

Ride the free Kaibab/Rim Route shuttle bus from the Visitor Center to the trailhead. (The trailhead is closed to private vehicles.)
Several hikers walking along the paved Canyon Rim Trail, with a partial view of Grand Canyon to the right of them.
Taking a walk on the Canyon Rim Trail

8 – 10 am Daily
(Meet at Bright Angel Trailhead)
Guided Rim Walk
2 mile (3.2 km) paved walk. Bring water, sunscreen, and wear comfortable walking shoes. Learn about the natural world on a 2 hour walk along the canyon rim. Topics vary and may include: animals and plants adapting to changing seasons, man's impact on nature, how nature inspires writers and poets, rare and endangered species, or American Indian use of plants and animals. Family Friendly.

Fossil of sea shell in white limestone, highlighted by orange lichen growing near shell ribs.
See marine fossils like these on our Fossil Walk
9 - 10 am Daily
(Meet at Bright Angel Trailhead sign)
Fossil Discovery Walk
Walk among brachiopods, sponges, and other marine creatures that thrived on this part of the continent 270 million years ago, before the age of the dinosaurs. This easy 1/2-mile (0.8 km) one-way walk explores an exposed fossil bed along the rim.
Bighorn ewe sitting on a limestone ledge and looking at the camera. vertical cliff in the background
A bighorn ewe
9:30 am – 9:50 am Daily
(Meet at Grand Canyon Visitor Center)
Critter Chat

Learn about some of Grand Canyon's diverse wild inhabitants who survive here in this place of extreme changes in elevation, exposure, and climate. Family-friendly program. Accessible. Family friendly.

Two park rangers repairing emergency telephone in canyon. Pack mule to their right.
Park rangers repairing emergency telephone (1937)

10:30 – 11:15 am Daily
(Meet at Verkamp’s Visitor Center)
History Walk
For thousands of years, humans have been part of the Grand Canyon. Join a ranger to discover different stories of humankind's enduring relationship with the canyon. Topics vary daily. Programs may include a walk around the village historic district. Accessible. Easy walk.

Black and White historic photo of a man and a woman posing on horseback on a trail inside a canyon
On Bright Angel Trail, 1905

1:30 – 1:50 pm Daily
(Meet at Verkamp’s Visitor Center)
Canyon Tales
Join a park ranger to hear captivating stories about diverse human connections to this canyon. Accessible. 20 min. Perfect for Junior Rangers. Consider taking a walk along the Canyon Rim Trail following the program.

Various rock strata as seen from the Abyss overlook
Rock strata as seen from the Abyss overlook

2 - 2:20 pm Daily
(Meet at Yavapai Geology Museum)
Geology Glimpse
Learn how Grand Canyon formed while exploring Yavapai Geology Museum during this short introductory talk. Perfect for Junior Rangers. Accessible. Consider walking the Trail of Time following the program.

Several people walking along a paved footpath with signs and exhibits along the rim of a colorful canyon.
Outdoor geology exhibits along the Trail of Time

3:30 - 4:15 pm Daily
(Meet at Yavapai Geology Museum)
Geology Walk
Learn how Grand Canyon formed while exploring Yavapai Geology Museum during this short introductory talk. Why is it so deep, wide, and grand? Why does it exist only here and nowhere else in the world? Perfect for Junior Rangers. Accessible. Consider walking the Trail of Time following the program.

California condor has turned her pink, featherless head and is staring directly at you.

5 – 5:45 pm Daily
(Meet at Village Amphitheater - Located on the Rim Trail west of El Tovar Hotel.)
Condor Talk
What highly endangered bird with a 9-foot wingspan is often spotted at Grand Canyon? The California condor! Learn about these majestic birds and their reintroduction in northern Arizona in a talk on the canyon's rim.. Accessible.

[Image: a thick blanket of dark clouds parting as sunlight highlights colorful peaks and cliffs within a vast canyon landscape.]
View of Zoroaster Temple from Yavapai Point

6:30 - 7 pm Daily
(Meet at Mather Amphitheater - located on the Rim Trail east of Mather Point)
Ranger Rendezvous
Discover Grand Canyon in the evening! Explore some of the park's lesser-known stories and facts. Perfect for Junior Rangers. Accessible.

The Milky Way seen in the sky above Grand Canyon. Silhouettes of trees below
Grand Canyon's night sky

Special Events and Evening Programs
During summer, evening programs are offered nightly.
Programs may include presentations in a beautiful auditorium or outdoor amphitheater, star walks, night hikes, cemetery tours, and more.

Upon arrival in the park, check visitor centers for more information.
In addition: view our 2019 schedule of special events and exhibits.


South Rim Village Evening Ranger Program Schedule: June 15 - June 22, 2019

This schedule is subject to change. Check at Visitor Centers to confirm times and locations. Accessible.

Saturday, June 15
Respect for Ancestral Places
Join Lyle Balenquah to learn about a Hopi connection to the Grand Canyon.
Meet at McKee Amphitheater - 8:30 pm

Sunday, June 16
Shifting Perspectives
Explore how the ideas and meanings of Grand Canyon have changed over time, from barren wasteland to world-renowned landmark.
Meet at McKee Amphitheater - 8:30 pm

Monday, June 17
Grand Canyon: Fact or Fiction
Explore incredible stories from Grand Canyon history. Which are fact and which are fiction? Can you tell?
Meet at McKee Amphitheater - 8:30 pm

Tuesday, June 18
150th of the Powell Expedition
In celebration of the sesquicentennial, come learn about John Wesley Powell’s crew and their journey down the Colorado River.
Meet at McKee Amphitheater - 8:30 pm

Wednesday, June 19
Grand Canyon in Depth
Explore aspects of what makes Grand Canyon special through short films and dialogue with others.
Meet at McKee Amphitheater - 8:30 pm

Thursday, June 20
Into the Great Unknown
Explore the Colorado River during John Wesley Powell’s ground-breaking trip and commemorate the legacy of river travel today.
Meet at McKee Amphitheater - 8:30 pm

Friday, June 21
Ranger Reflections
Learn about the creation of the National Park Service and the different ways our public lands have inspired park rangers.
Meet at McKee Amphitheater - 8:30 pm

Saturday, June 22
Star Light Star Bright: Protecting our Heritage of Dark Skies
Join Dr. John Barentine to learn about how and why we fight to save the night.
Grand Canyon Visitor Center 8:00 pm (Limited capacity, doors open at 7:40 pm)
Today is the opening night of the 2019 Grand Canyon Star Party.

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