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A crowd of people on Mather Point at sunset.
Park Ranger Programs: South Rim Village - Winter 2017-2018

All outdoor programs are subject to cancellation due to inclement weather or when lightning danger is present. Summer thunderstorms frequently can occur through early September with the potential for torrential rains, frequent lightning, and sudden flash floods.

Note: Children must be accompanied by an adult on all programs. All programs are free of charge.

Visitor Center, Information Desk and Museum Hours

Two park rangers repairing emergency telephone in canyon. Pack mule to their right.
Park rangers repairing emergency telephone (1937)
10:30 – 11:15 am Daily
(Verkamp's Visitor Center)
History Walk
For thousands of years, humans have been part of the Grand Canyon. Join a ranger to discover different stories of humankind's enduring relationship with the canyon. Topics vary daily. Programs may include a walk around the village historic district.
Sunset light in Grand Canyon seen from Kolb Studio. Historic photo of the brothers is superimposed on the right.
Kolb Brothers and Kolb Studio on the canyon rim
1 pm - 2 pm Daily
(Kolb Studio)
Kolb Studio Tour
Step back in time and delve into the lives of the Kolb brothers as your tour their 1904
home and photography studio that descends five levels into the canyon.

Tours are limited to 15 participants. Please contact Kolb Studio at 928-638-2771 to request free tickets the morning before the tour.
Various rock strata as seen from the Abyss overlook
Rock strata as seen from the Abyss overlook

2 – 2:30 pm Daily
(Yavapai Geology Museum)
Geology Glimpse
Learn how Grand Canyon formed while exploring Yavapai Geology Museum during this short introductory talk. Perfect for Junior Rangers. Accessible. Consider walking the Trail of Time following the program.

Various rock strata as seen from the Abyss overlook
Rock strata as seen from the Abyss overlook

3:30 – 4 pm Daily
(Yavapai Geology Museum)
Geology Glimpse
Gain quick insight into Grand Canyon's amazing geologic story. Why is it so deep, wide, and grand? Why does it exist only here and nowhere else in the world?

Looking at the left-facing, full-body profiles of two mule deer in a snowy landscape.
Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus)

4 – 4:20 pm Daily
(Grand Canyon Visitor Center)
Critter Chat
Learn about some of Grand Canyon's diverse wild inhabitants who survive here in this place of extreme changes in elevation, exposure, and climate.

The Milky Way seen in the sky above Grand Canyon. Silhouettes of trees below
Grand Canyon's night sky

Special Events and Evening Programs
Evening Programs will resume during March 2018
Programs may include presentations in a beautiful auditorium, star walks, night hikes, cemetery tours, and more.


South Rim Village Evening Ranger Program Schedule:

2018 Evening Programs will resume during March 2018
This schedule will be subject to change. Check at Visitor Centers to confirm times and locations.

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