Kids & Youth

Muppets Elmo and Murray along with Park Ranger Amala From Grand Canyon.

Sesame Street Explores National Parks

Elmo and Murray Discover the wonders of Grand Canyon and Gateway with the help of Ranger Amala.

A ranger helps a group of four kids with there Junior Ranger book.

Junior Ranger Program

Become a Junior Ranger during your visit

A couple of rangers and a few kids examine a cliff rose.

Learn About Grand Canyon

Discover the plants, animals, rocks, and history of Grand Canyon, and learn how to protect the park through our residential programs.

A park ranger points out fossils for a few kids.

View Current Ranger Program Schedules

Attend any of these programs to fulfill your Junior Ranger requirements.

A group of kids, a couple teachers, and a couple of park rangers with the canyon in the background.

Educational Programs

Teachers and students: learn throughout the school year.

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18 seconds

A group of about 20 Resource Education rangers, ranging in age from their 20's to their 50's, are in uniform and sitting in rows to sing a ditty with a challenge for you. They have gathered to take a break after leading field trips all morning.

Grand Canyon National Park's Junior Ranger Badge

Last updated: April 13, 2020

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