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Learning can be done in the classroom, but it can also be done at home! Students can use these resources to supplement their learning or discover the basics of what makes Grand Canyon so grand. Teachers can find other resources and activities that can be used at home or the classroom.

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Videos, Photos, and More!

  • Green, grey, and tan thin rocks are stacked on top of each other, creating a green valley.
    Geology for Students

    Explore the geology of the Grand Canyon

  • A black, white, and red woodpecker stands on a wood branch and looks off to the left.
    Ecology for Students

    Explore the plants and animals of the Grand Canyon

  • Images of Nampeyo, CCC members, Pauline Patraw Mead, and George Murakami.
    Whose Story Is History?

    Bringing the Diverse History of Grand Canyon into the Light

  • California Condor with wings outstretched is landing on a slickrock ledge
    Virtual Tours

    Start exploring Grand Canyon National Park virtually and experience the geology, hiking trails and river within.

  • A telescope is illuminated in red light as stars that form the Milky Way shine in the background.
    Dark Skies for Students

    Grand Canyon's dark skies are world-renown.

  • A red, white, and black symmetrical and geometric Navajo weaving.
    People on the Land

    Discover the people that came before us, through learning activities that can be done at home.

  • Cape Royal on the North Rim provides a panorama up, down, and across the canyon.
    Photo Galleries

    Over 5000 photos from Grand Canyon National Park may be viewed and downloaded from the park's Flickr site for use in your research project

  • several small, cylindrical shaped cacti with long thorns and bright crimson flowers
    B-roll Video Archive

    An online resource designed to provide free, public domain, downloadable video clips for multimedia use.

  • view from webcam on a cloudy day. areas of light and shadow across the landscape.
    Area Webcams

    Webcams offer a window into the sights, weather, air quality and seasonal changes that are taking place in the Grand Canyon region.

Last updated: February 6, 2024

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