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Canyon Field School is an exciting environmental education program that brings the wonders of Grand Canyon National Park to youth across the country. This collaboration between Grand Canyon Conservancy and the National Park Service provides engaging, curriculum-based activities and experiences for middle and high school students.

On this page are the videos - including audio described versions - from the first four modules available. Topics include geology, ecology, dark sky, and cultural history lessons about Grand Canyon. More content is available at Canyon Field School @Home through Grand Canyon Conservancy.

In addition to the videos below, at-home activies can be used to supplement learning while in your backyard, neighborhood or community!

More at home content for students, teachers, and parents can be found on the Student Learning pages.

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5 minutes, 50 seconds

An introduction to the ancient environments, fossils, geologic timelines, and rock layers of Grand Canyon.

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3 minutes, 19 seconds

It's a great day to be in the pinyon-juniper forest, where the yucca and other hearty plants live. The yucca is a great example of a relationship between plants, animals, and humans in an ecosystem.

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4 minutes, 28 seconds

Once the sun sets at Grand Canyon and the sky gets dark, you can see stars and planets filling the sky – so many stars, it’s hard to count them all! Grand Canyon National Park is an international dark sky location, which means we’ve worked to reduce our light pollution and people and animals can enjoy the night sky.

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5 minutes, 43 seconds

Cultural perspectives and experiences shape relationships with Grand Canyon's landscape In this video, Hopi tribal person, Lyle Belenquah, shares his perspective.

Last updated: April 23, 2021

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