Golden Gate National Recreation Area produces and distributes over 350,000 publications every year. These publications include site bulletins that interpret the history and nature of many of our park sites, brochures that provide additional topical information, and maps of different park areas. If you need any further information feel free to contact us. Self-Guided Tours are also available.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area


Marin County Publications

The suspension bridge to the Point Bonita Lighthouse.

Point Bonita Lighthouse

Explore one of the first eight lighthouses constructed on the west coast. This spectacular lighthouse in the Marin Headlands is open to the public with limited hours. Information about this site and how to visit are provided.

Muir Beach (Updated August 2014)
Learn more about Muir Beach. Feel free to download a copy of our official map and guide to prepare for your visit to Muir Beach.
A view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the hills above Fort Baker.

Fort Baker

Learn about Fort Baker, the last military site in the San Francisco Bay Area that was transferred to Golden Gate National Parks. Find out its early history and what you can see during your visit.

Click here to download a zipped file of the audio described Fort Point Brochure onto your computer; once it has downloaded, extract the files in your file browser.


San Francisco County Publications

The historical photo shown here is of the Victorian style cliff house (second cliff house) from 1896-1907.

Cliff House & Sutro Baths (Updated December 2007)

Explore the history of the famous San Francisco landmarks, the Cliff House and Sutro Baths. Learn the history of this seaside retreat brought by Adolph Sutro.

A hillside of wild flowers at the Presidio.

The Natural Presidio (Updated September 2011)

Learn about the natural history of the Presidio a story of both change and constancy.

Click here to download a zipped file of the audio described Natural Presidio Brochure onto your computer; once it has downloaded, extract the files in your file browser.

Soldiers aim a 6 inch gun on a disappearing carriage at Battery Chamberlin.

Battery Chamberlin

One of our latest publications which explains the role of dissappearing rifled cannons used to defend the San Francisco Bay from enemy attack. Battery Chamberlin is located at Baker Beach on the Presidio.

The Lighthouse atop Fort Point.

The Lights of Fort Point
Explore the maritime history of Fort Point and find out the significance of the keepers of the light at the entrance to the Golden Gate.


San Mateo County Publications

Milagra Ridge is a habitat “island” with breathtaking coastal views and a surprising array of plants and wildlife.
Milagra Ridge

Explore Milagra Ridge, one of the last wildlife refuge areas located in San Mateo County and take in breathtaking coastal views of the Pacific.
Artist’s conception of Portolá expedition soldiers and Ohlone people looking at San Francisco Bay from Sweeney Ridge in 1769

Sweeney Ridge (Updated December 2016)

Learn about the discovery of the San Francisco by the Portola expedition in 1796. A map of the Sweeney Ridge area will help guide you to the same location in San Mateo County.

A field of California poppies in bloom at Mori Point.

Mori Point

Information about one of the newest additions to the GGNRA. Learn the history of Mori Point, located near Pacifica, California.


History + Culture Publications

An image  of the Buffalo Soldiers who were stationed at the Presidio of San Francisco. (Painting courtesy Arthur Shilstone.)

Buffalo Soldiers

This brochures is about the story of the Buffalo Soldiers stationed at the Presidio of San Francisco during the 1860s. These African-American were also the first National Park Service rangers for Yosemite National Park.

Buffalo Soldiers at Yosemite

Buffalo Soldiers - Guardians of California's Parks

This brochure describes the Buffalo Soldiers' route through California and three National Parks: The Presidio of San Francisco, Yosemite and Sequoia-Kings Canyon.

Military Intelligence Service Language School students focus on instruction in their classrom at Crissy Field

Patriotism and Prejudice: Japanese Americans and World War II

This brochure tells two poignant and sadly ironic home front stories of World War II. Within a half mile on the Presidio, the army ordered the internment of Americans of Japanese ancestry, even while training Japanese American soldiers at a secret military language school.

A photo of two early biplanes.

Pioneers of Flight | Los Pioneros de la Aviación (Español)

Learn the about the pioneers of aviation at Crissy Field on the Presidio, during the time when every trip on an airplane was a death-defying flight.

Learn about the various histories and cultures of the Presidio of San Francisco over the past 200 years.

Under Three Flags (English) | Bajo Tres Banderas (Español)

  • Learn about the history of the Presidio of San Francisco and the three different countries who helped develop it. Hardcopies of this publication are also available at our visitor centers.

Download a zipped file of the audio described Under Three Flags Brochure onto your computer.

Beams of light radiating from the 1915 World's Fair.

The 1915 World's Fair

Learn the history of the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition, which spanned from Fort Mason to the Presidio, and what new innovations were introduced at the fair.

View looking north from the largest Presidio refugee camp near the site of Letterman Hospital

1906 Earthquake: The U. S. Army's Role

This brochure commemorates the 100th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco. Learn about the roles of the U.S. Army from the Presidio and Fort Mason, and what they did to help the citizens of San Francisco.


Natural Resources Publications

Picture of two of the hundreds of birds that can be seen at the Presidio.
Frequent Flyers (Updated September 2011)

As one of the greatest diversity of birds of any urban park in the world, with over 200 species identified on the Presidio.
Some of the many wildflowers of the Golden Gate.

Wildflowers of Golden Gate

This is one of our more popular publications featuring the wildflowers of the Golden Gate National Parks. If you'd like a hardcopy of this, feel free to drop by one our visitor centers for a copy.

A view of the Snowy Plover nesting habitat at Ocean Beach.

Protecting the Snowy Plover

Learn about the threatened Western Snowy Plover, which can be found on beaches in Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Find out how you can help this bird and where the park has established protection areas for it.

Insects of the Presidio pollinating wildflowers with the Golden Gate Bridge visible in the background.

Presidio Insects and Their Plant Hosts

This brochure illustrates 24 of the many insects on the Presidio and discusses how they are tied to their plant hosts.

Last updated: September 26, 2023

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