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At the northwestern corner of San Francisco, there is wild and windy trail with stunning views at every turn... Lands End's trails winds their way around rocky cliffs above the ocean, moving through shady stands of cypress and eucalyptus and emerging on to spectacular views of the shore, headlands, and Golden Gate. A trip down the trail is also a journey through the history of Lands End, offering glimpses of the past at every turn.

Tips & Highlights

  • Contact for more information: Lands End Lookout (415) 426-5240
  • When hiking in Golden Gate National Recreation Area, stay on trails and keep your distance from cliffs.
  • Walk north along the edge of the city-and the continent-on the Coastal Trail.
  • Scan San Francisco from the Legion of Honor overlook and return via the El Camino Del Mar Trail.
  • Check out the memorial to the USS San Francisco-a WWII cruiser that sustained 45 hits and 25 fires during the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942-and the newly improved adjacent overlook.
  • The West Fort Miley batteries offer a grassy picnic area among three turn-of-the-century gun emplacements.
  • Visit Vestiges of Lands End, a digital guidebook of historic places, stories, events, artifacts, landscapes and geology.

The Spanish named Lands End's westernmost promontory "Point Lobos," for the many lobos marinos (sea wolves, a.k.a. sea lions) that once hauled up on the rocks offshore. With views of shipwrecks of old and access to the ruins of Sutro baths, Lands End is a site of some of San Francisco's special memories.


More Lands End

  • thumbnail of map of lands end with visitor highlights, trails, and parking.

    View and download a printable map of Lands End, identifying special visitor highlights, trails and parking.

  • visitor using a walker examines trail model

    Wheelchair-accessible trails begin from the trailhead at Merrie Way parking lot.

  • image of visitor center/lookout on a clear, sunny day
    Visitor Center

    Begin your visit with a stop in the new visitor center, called the Lands End Lookout. Learn the natural and cultural history of the area.

  • thumbnail of brochure showing a view of golden gate from Lands End

    Download to learn about the history of Lands End, includes MUNI bus lines.

  • hazy image of the concrete ruins of sutro baths
    Sutro Historic District

    Wander the evocative ruins of Sutro Baths and explore the nearby Sutro Heights gardens.

  • two images old and new side by side
    Now & Then: Lands End

    Explore Lands End from Then until Now

  • historical photo of the sutro baths exterior looking south c. 1907
    History of Lands End

    The history of Lands End, tells the story of San Francisco's urban development.

  • newspaper clippling of the landmark case
    Harris vs. Sutro

    In 1897, this was Lands End was a site that was the focus of an early civil rights case.

  • historic ink drawing of a ferris wheel
    History: Merrie Way

    Learn about the former Sutro Pleasure Grounds at Merrie Way 

Last updated: September 23, 2021

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