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Alcatraz Island

  • Open: All Year
  • Phone: (415) 561-4900
  • Location: Alcatraz Island is located in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. A ferry, located at Piers 31-33 (cross streets of Embarcadero & Bay Street) will take you to the island. Just remember to make your reservation in advance since this popular attraction tends to sell out up to a week in advance.
  • Closures: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. There are various locations on the island that are closed off to the general public certain times of the year, due to the nesting of a variety of sea birds.
  • Special Programs: There are various ranger-led programs on a daily basis on Alcatraz. Be sure to check out the ranger programs at the dock as soon as you get off the boat for any of the popular programs on the island. For more information on ticket reservation call (415) 981-ROCK [415.981.7625] or go to www.alcatrazcruises.com.
  • Exhibits: Check our website for more information.
  • Available Facilities: There are limited bathroom facilities on the island. They are located at the dock and at the top of the island. Food service is available on the ferry—there is no food service on the island. Picnic areas are designated only at the dock.
  • Smoking is only allowed in designated areas on the dock.

Alcatraz Island Ranger Talk

Fort Point National Historic Site

  • Open: Thursday through Monday from 10am to 5pm. (Summer Hours)
  • Phone: (415) 504-2334
  • Location: Underneath the south anchorage of the Golden Gate Bridge, on the northernmost part of the Presidio.
  • Closures: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day.
  • Special Programs: There is a cannon loading demonstration, where visitors get a "hands-on" opportunity to learn about the firing of Civil War artillery. There is also a tour of the fort led by one of the staff on a daily basis.
  • Exhibits: There are various exhibits within the fort itself, where the Fort Point Bookstore is also located. On the first floor there is an exhibit about the construction and Civil War soldier responsibilities. On the second floor there are two photo exhibits. One depiciting the roles of women in the military. The other is about the lives of African-American soldiers and their struggle for acceptance. On the third floor there is an exhibit about the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge. Visit our website for more information.
  • Available Facilities: The Fort Point Bookstore is located inside the fort and is open 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For more information call (415) 673-5642. An accessible restroom is located outside the fort; south approximately 100 yards.
The road to Fort Point under the Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center

  • Open: Daily—9 AM to 6 PM
  • Phone: 415-426-5220
  • Location: At the Golden Gate Bridge viewing area at the south end of the bridge.
  • Closures: Thanksgiving and Christmas days
  • Exhibits: Model of bridge tower used in testing original bridge design, artifacts like rivets and hardhats, Building the Bridge video. Outdoor exhibits in plaza area.
Orange exterior of the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center with bridge behind

Marin Headlands Visitor Center

  • Open: Daily—9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Phone: (415) 331-1540
  • Location: The Marin Headlands Visitor Center is located in the historic Fort Barry Chapel, at the intersection of Field and Bunker Roads. The Visitor Center is approximately 3 miles from either entrance to the Marin Headlands.
  • Closures: Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.
  • Special Programs: Rangers answer questions and lead scheduled interpretive walks and programs. For more information on park programs please check the Parks Conservancy event listings.
  • Exhibits: The Center's exhibits introduce the Headland's natural history and trace the area's human history from the days of the Miwoks through modern times. You can see how a hawk flies and look through a microscope at the hidden life of local ponds. A Miwok shelter invites you inside to listen as present-day Coast Miwok people talk about their lives. A shop carries a good selection of books and field guides about the area.
  • Available Facilities: Bathroom facilities are located on the west end of the Marin Headlands Visitor Center parking lot.
Marin Headlands Visitor Center Exterior
Marin Headlands Visitor Center



Lands End Lookout

  • Open: Daily—9 AM to 5 PM
  • Phone: (415) 426-5240
  • Closures: Christmas Day
  • Location: The Lands End Lookout Visitor Center is located in the Merrie Way park just east of the Cliff House at the cross streets of Point Lobos, El Camino del Mar in San Francisco, California.
  • Exhibits: Indoor exhibits and videos on the natural and cultural history of the Land's End area, Sutro Baths and Sutro Heights. Outdoor 3-D model of Land's End area.
The Lands End Lookout view from front
Lands End Lookout



Muir Woods National Monument

Muir Woods Visitor Center
Muir Woods Visitor Center



Presidio of San Francisco Visitor Center

  • Open: Daily, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Phone: (415) 561-4323 Answered during open hours. Leave messages for more information and to reserve space in scheduled programs.
  • Location: 210 Lincoln Blvd. - on the Main Post, corner of Lincoln Blvd. and Anza Street.
  • Exhibits: The visitor center is the go to place to find out what is happening and what there is to do in the Presidio. Discovery the Presidio through a large relief map, inspiring video, engaging exhibitions on history and nature, interactive tools, and knowledgeable staff that can help you uncover the incredible array of experiences possible here.
Red brick building housing the Presidio Visitor Center

Kirke Wrench


Pacific West Regional Information Center

Information about all of the National Parks located in the Pacific West Region can be found in this office. Pamphlets and other visitor information can be found in the room across from the information center. Volunteers are also available to answer questions.

  • Open: Open All Year Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Phone: (415) 561-4700
  • Location: The Pacific West Region Information Center is located on the corner of the Argonaut Hotel at 495 Jefferson Street, San Francisco, CA (at the cross streets of Jefferson & Hyde Streets).
  • Closures: The information center is closed on holidays and weekends.
  • Exhibits: Information about all of the National Parks located in the Pacific West Region can be found in this office. Pamphlets and other visitor information can be found in the room across from the information center. Volunteers are also available to answer questions.
National Parks of Pacific West Region
National Parks of the West Pacific



Other Facilities

Crissy Field Center

  • Open: Crissy Field Center is open to program participants.
  • Phone: (415) 561-7690
  • Location: Crissy Field Center, 1199 Each Beach, Presidio of San Francisco, CA
  • Special Programs: The Center acknowledges the interdependence of peoples, cultures and environments and therefore encourages socially and ecologically responsible actions that respect the earth and its natural and urban communities. The physical and social landscape of the Crissy Field area has taken on many different faces, from the Native Americans to today's National Park. At each phase in history, the environment was impacted in a significant way. The Crissy Field Center seeks to recognize this history in an innovative approach to environmental education, using the resources of our National Park. The new interim facility was built using sustainable materials. Today, the Center includes a media lab, arts workshop, urban ecology lab, and gathering room providing fun, provocative and educational experiences for people of all ages. To learn more or to sign up for programs, visit the Crissy Field Center website.

  • Available Facilities:
  • Administration Phones (all phone numbers are in area code 415):
    • General 561-7690
    • Administrative Offices 561-7752 Fax 561-7695
    • Café 561-7761
  • Program Phones (all phone numbers are in area code 415):
    • Community Partner Projects 561-7751
    • Weekend Workshops & Classes 561-7768
    • School Programs 561-7755
    • Parks to People 561-2818
View of Crissy Field Center and Beach Hut Cafe from the parking lot.
Crissy Field Center and Beach Hut Cafe


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