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Welcome to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area FOIA Reading Room

Here you may review responsive documents to some of the Freedom of Information Act requests received by the park. For a complete list of requests by fiscal year, and their status, refer to the FOIA Log. The current fiscal year log is updated regularly.

Some information in the Reading Room is considered "raw data" collected by park staff and volunteers and not yet analyzed. Some information is analyzed and presented in the form of final reports.

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the available files are quite large which can result in lengthy download times. Please refer to the type and size of file in parentheses.

Superintendent Exemption

Based on the advice of counsel, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area management has chosen to publicly post the contents of Freedom of Information Act requests on our website. We understand that under this policy some PDF files are posted that are not compliant with the Section 508 Amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1073, specifically for accessibility to people who use adaptive technologies. We are committed to complying with this important requirement and will make records available in alternative formats upon request. Requests can be made at PHONE (415-561-4700) or by email at:


FOIA Information by Subject

Dog Management

Dog Management Records
Save Our Recreation FOIA Request
(Tracking Number NPS-2016-00154)


FOIA Activity by Fiscal Year

2012 FOIA Log (PDF, 263K) Description and status of FY2012 FOIA requests

2011 FOIA Log (PDF, 230K) Descripton and status of FY2011 FOIA requests

Transmittal letters and some frequently requested documents may be posted below as they are made available to requestors.

2016 FOIA Activity by Tracking Number



Incident Reports 2011 JAN-MAR (PDF, 24 MB)

Incident Reports 2011 APR-JUN (PDF, 28 MB)

Incident Reports 2011 JUL-AUG (PDF, 26 MB)

Incident Reports 2011 SEP-OCT (PDF, 29 MB)

Incident Reports 2011 NOV-DEC (PDF, 24 MB)

Incident Reports 2011 NON-GOGA (PDF, 11 MB)

Incident Reports 2012 JAN-MAR (PDF, 24 MB)

Incident Reports 2012 MAR-MAY (PDF, 17 MB)

Incident Reports 2012 JUN-AUG (PDF, 16 MB)

Incident Reports 2012 AUG-DEC (PDF, 21 MB)

Incident Reports 2013 JAN-SEP (PDF, 7 MB)

Incident Reports 2013 Crissy Field & Rancho (PDF, 12 MB)

Incident Reports 2013 Miscellaneous (PDF, 14 MB)

Incident Reports 2014 JAN-APR (PDF, 3 MB)

Incident Reports 2014 APR-AUG (PDF, 10 MB)

Incident Reports 2014 AUG-DEC (PDF, 3 MB)


Fort Funston Report (PDF, 1.6 MB)



FY2012 FOIA Requests by Tracking Number:

FOIA 2012-00142

Released Documents (PDF, 196K)


Released Documents (PDF, 6.8MB)


Funston Count Data (Excel, 65KB)
Funston Dog Groups (Excel, 31KB)
Muir Count Data (Excel, 43KB)
Visitor Satisfaction Surveys (external link to University of Idaho - Park Studies Unit. SEE - Visitor Survey Card)


Transmittal Letter (PDF, 20K)
Released Documents (PDF, 10.5MB)

FOIA-2011-00257 & APPEAL 2011-0074

Transmittal Letter (PDF, 701K)
2007 Incident Reports, 254 pages (PDF, 4.46MB)


Transmittal Letter (PDF, 66K)


Transmittal Letter (PDF, 58K)

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