Mountaineering History in Glacier Bay

Fairweather Range with many snow-capped mountains and a gulf in foreground
Gulf of Alaska in the foreground, Dry Bay to the left and Mt. Fairweather, Mt. Salisbury and Lituya Mountain on the right.

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‘Lovers of the sport of mountaineering will find no more glorious setting than the Alaskan Coast Range. Here are not merely climbs, up
and down from a valley base; for those who seek these great summits will live and have their being upon the heights. From camps
perched on high glaciers they will see the sun set in the placid Pacific, and will thrill with John Muir to the “strange unearthly splendor” of the dawn on the peaks of the Fairweather Mountains.’

- William S. Ladd, The Fairweather Mountains, AAJ, 1929

Please view each mountain for naming history, successful summits, and summit attempts:

Last updated: June 26, 2019

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