Mount Bertha

Snowy mountain peaks with blue sky in the background
Mount Bertha

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Elevation: 10,204 ft.

USGS claims it was named after S.S. Bertha, Alaska Commercial Co. steamer in service from 1888–1915, published in 1910 by USC&GS on Chart 8306. However according to Bradford Washburn of the Museum of Science, this feature was named for a prostitute in Skagway who knew members of the party that surveyed the area.
Date Route Climbers
6/30/1940 Unknown Bradford Washburn, Barbara Washburn, Maynard Miller, Michl Feuersinger, Thomas Winship (Alva Morrison, Lee Wilson, and Lowell Thomas were a part of the party but did not summit)
7/25/1972 via the West-Southwest Ridge Larry Nielson and Dusan Jagersky
7/14/1982 Northeast Ridge (supported from kayak through Reid Glacier) Kevin Haberl, Peter Mair, Bruce Blackwell, and James Haberl
5/24/1997 Kayaked from Bartlett Cove to Reid Glacier Mike Dziobak
Date Route Climbers Reason for turnaround
1980 Unknown Loren Adkins, Tom Distler, and Paul Barnes
8/9/1984 Skied up Reid Glacier Brian Casey
4/1996 East Ridge Col between Crillon and Bertha Andy Ferguson, Scott Visher, and Toby Wheeler Unknown
6/1/1996 Unknown Tim Baldwin, “Chipotle” Charlie Kiblinger, Brad Hopp, Tim Kelley, and Len Zanni Unknown

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