River Camping Permits

A river rushes in front of hills and trees.
North Fork of the Flathead River.



North Fork Flathead River

The Flathead National Forest, administered by the US Forest Service, provides primitive camping locations at Ford Creek, Big Creek and Glacier Rim. Glacier National Park has one designated river campground at Round Prairie available for overnight boater use. Glacier also allows limited, undesignated camping along the North Fork. For more information on undesignated camping, please speak with a wilderness ranger at one of our Wilderness Permit centers.

Camping Sections

  • Spruce Creek to Round Prairie: 1 party/night
  • Bowman Creek to Anaconda Creek: 1 party/night
  • Anaconda Creek to Blankenship Bridge: 2 parties/night
  • Area River Maps Available

Middle Fork Flathead River

Middle Fork river camping is administered by the US Forest Service and is subject to Flathead National Forest camping regulations. Glacier National Park does not issue camping permits for the Middle Fork.


Undesignated River Camping Regulations

  • Party size is limited to 12 people.
  • Camping is limited to designated river sections (see map above).
  • Camping is limited to one night in any campsite. Parties must move at least one mile each day before establishing a new camp.
  • Campsites MUST be located on durable surfaces. Gravel and sand bars below the high-water mark are preferred.
  • Wood fires are allowed if contained in a fire pan with an air space between the fire and the ground to protect dormant insect larvae in gravel river sediment. Use of fire blankets (old USFS fire shelters) is prohibited.
  • All food, cooking gear and refuse must be secured from bears at all times, except mealtime. This requires either suspending these items a minimum of 10 feet (3 m) above the ground and 4 feet (1.2 m) from any tree trunk or utilizing an Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) approved bear-resistant food container (BRFC). All cooking gear that cannot be stored in a bear-resistant container MUST be cleaned and kept 100 feet (30 m) from your sleeping area.
  • Distance between the sleeping area and the food prep/storage area should be a minimum of 100 feet (30 m).
  • River users (day and overnight use) are REQUIRED to use some type of self-contained waste disposal system (Groover, Rocket box, WAG bags, etc.).
  • No pets allowed.

Trip Preparation

  • Boaters should familiarize themselves with current river conditions and levels.
  • Boaters should have appropriate maps; Three Forks of the Flathead Wild and Scenic River Float Guide is recommended.
  • Boaters must have their non-motorized watercraft inspected for aquatic invasive species by an NPS inspector prior to river camping on the Glacier side, even if they are launching from the Flathead National Forest. Clean, drain, and dry your boat to be ready for inspection.
  • These overnight camping regulations apply to river use within Glacier National Park. For complete Flathead National Forest rules and regulations, visitors should consult the Flathead National Forest Supervisor's Office in Kalispell, MT at (406) 758-5208.

Required Gear

  • For camping in the park, an overnight Wilderness Camping permit is required.
  • An Aquatic Invasive Species inspection tag issued by the NPS is necessary for all watercraft, even if launching from the Flathead National Forest side.
  • Personal flotation devices (PFD) for each person must be carried on board. All children 12 years and under must wear a PFD when the vessel is underway.
  • An IGBC approved bear-resistant food container (BRFC) is required for all food, food waste, and food preparation items.
  • A self-contained human waste disposal system (Groover, Rocket box, WAG bags, etc.) must be used for all human waste.

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