Fire Education

Ten firefighters with gear hike up trail
Firefighters in Glacier backcountry


If you want to educate others on the role of fire, we are here to help! Anyone is welcome to check out the materials we have prepared.

For Teachers

FireWorks Traveling Trunk
Fire Ecology Field Trip
FireWorks Curriculum from the U.S. Forest Service Fire Sciences Lab in Missoula, Montana

For Students

Fire In Depth by NPS Fire & Aviation Management
Wildfire Rap

Help junior firefighters learn about fire. Try the activities highlighted below to learn more!

  • Firefighting Tools Wildland firefighters use many kinds of tools to work on fires and to do different jobs more easily and safely. Try this "Discovery Tour" WebRangers activity for ages 6+!
  • Fire Story Somewhere in a National Park...a bolt of lightning hits a tree. A fire starts! What does the National Park Service do? Try this "Adventure Tour" WebRangers activity for ages 13+!

Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center's resource briefs
Glacier Fire History
Glacier Fire Ecology
Fireside Chats Multimedia Presentations about Fire and Fire Management

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