3-5 Lesson Plans

two photos. Top: a fern grows out of a log. bottom: mushrooms
Ferns growing on downed tree and mushrooms in a forest

Top Photo: NPS / Tim Rains

Forests and Change

Boreal toad in the forest
Boreal toad in the forest.


Habitats and Change

Upper McDonald Creek at sunset
Upper McDonald Creek from Going-to-the-Sun Road


Watersheds and Geography

  • Boundaries and People – mapping watersheds on large and small scale maps – including W-GIPP map.
  • Create a National Park - What are national parks and why are they protected?
  • Rock Ranking - F.O.S.S adapted math activity on comparing and contrasting rock sizes, shapes, and colors.
  • Rock Stories - multicultural introduction to rock types adapted from Keepers of the Earth.
  • Turning Parks into Islands – Y2Y (Yukon to Yellowstone) -adapted activity that role-plays fragmentation issues around parks.
  • You Are Here – mapping play places and fitting them into the W-GIPP watershed context .

Deer in the snow
Whitetail Deer in the Snow

NPS / Bill Hayden

Winter and Change

A the top of a structure
The top of a Blackfoot structure

NPS Photo

Work House Education Program

  • The Work House Program is a science and Indian education curriculum for use in the classroom and in Glacier National Park. Work House consists of five interrelated units that present oral histories and parallel western science explanations. The student readings are at 6th-8th grade level but the lessons can be used for many grade levels.

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