Crown of the Continent

A showcase of melting glaciers, alpine meadows, carved valleys, and spectacular lakes. With over 700 miles of trails, Glacier is a paradise for adventurous visitors seeking a landscape steeped in human culture. Relive the days of old through historic chalets, lodges, and the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road.

Graphic titled Areas Requiring Vehicle Reservations in Summer 2024. Details in linked press release.
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Glacier National Park will implement a pilot vehicle reservation system in 2024. Follow the link for details.

A tractor plows snow in the mountains.
Is Going-to-the-Sun Road Open?

Conditions are constantly changing. Check here for updates on which roads are open or closed.

A small group of people sit on a hill with a mountain peak in the background.
How Crowded is Glacier?

Glacier is extremely busy during the summer.

A shuttle bus with sun flaring behind it.
How does the free shuttle work?

The shuttle can move you along Going-to-the-Sun Road but requires flexibility.

A sign says road closed and sun flares behind.
What construction is happening?

Plan ahead and prepare to avoid delays or closures.

A campground sign that says full. Trees in the background.
Can I car camp in Glacier?

Camping in Glacier requires planning and flexibility.

A person wearing a backpack looks out at a mountain landscape.
Do I need a permit to backpack?

Glacier is a great place to backpack, if you're prepared to be flexible.

A large hotel sits next to a lake with mountains behind.
Where should I eat and sleep?

A trip to Glacier is always better if you plan your lodging and dining options in advance.

Two teepee lodges against the sky
What about Native ties to Glacier?

Indigenous tribal members share knowledge as part of the Native America Speaks program.

A bolt of sunlight shines through cloudy and hazy skies, hitting mountains and a lake below.
What are the current conditions?

Check out current conditions on wildfires, roads, trails, and construction in the park.

A person stands in front of a mountain glacier.
When will the glaciers be gone?

Between 1966 and 2015, every named glacier in the park got smaller, some by more than 80%.

A firefighter points past a forest fire
Will climate change impact me?

The park is warming and the impacts are already being felt by park visitors.

A park ranger points to solar panels.
Can we solve climate change?

Responding to the climate crisis requires collective action.

black and white image of people watching snow plowing
Global Warming: Solutions & Benefits

This is a short history of the solutions and benefits to climate change at Glacier.

black and white of an oil well in the foreground and Grinnell Glacier behind it
Causes of Climate Change

Both the causes and the consequences of climate change are intertwined here.

High perspective of a mountain landscape with a glacier
Climate Change & Geologic History

Geologic history can help shape our understanding of the climate crisis of today.

Last updated: July 8, 2024

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