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We are experimenting with a newer camera that has much better resolution and allows us to aim and zoom it remotely. If it proves successful, we plan to begin removing the older cameras and replacing them with these newer ones. That process will take several months to a year. To see the difference in the quality look at the Middle Fork of the Flathead River camera. One trade-off for a better image quality is that there is no weather module available for this new camera. The company that manufactured the older model has stopped making and selling their weather module as well, so as the ones we have fail, they can not be replaced. At night, you may notice a green light on some of the cameras. This is a power light on the camera itself that reflects on the housing.

Is There a Problem?
Sometimes our cameras stick on a date and time, due to some network issue or possibly a loss of power in that area. Generally we know about it and either need to wait for the power or network to come back, or we can possibly go to the camera to fix it. If you experience an issue with the cameras that you would like to report to us, please email us and let us know. Thanks for your help keeping the cameras going.

Webcams Currently Offline

Goat Haunt

The Goat Haunt camera will not be in operation this summer.
Map of webcam locations in glacier
Map to Webcam Locations


A map showing the locations of the webcams in the Apgar and West Glacier areas
Webcam Locations in the Apgar and West Glacier areas


Last updated: May 22, 2019

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