The Potomac River Beach

Potomac River Beach
The Potomac River Beach

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Things to Know

Use Caution

Sharp dropoffs and strong tidal surges can create dangerous situations.

Fossil Collecting is Prohibited

Fossils are non-renewable resources. Once these paleontolgical resources are gone, their scientific value can never be replaced.

Things to Do


The following may be gathered by hand for personal use:

  • unoccupied seashells
  • driftwood or downed trees small enough to be carried out without dragging

Canoeing and Kayaking

  • The park shorelines along Popes Creek and ponds are closed to landing and launching of all boats/watercraft. The shoreline along the Potomac River beach is closed to motorized boats/watercraft.
  • Canoes and kayaks may be launched from the Potomac River Beach as it is the only designated area for such activity in the park.
  • Careful consideration should be given to weather conditions and tidal current.


The Fishing page states the required license and regulations for fishing along the Potomac River.


  • There are no designated parking spaces. The parking lot is paved. Access to the beach is over a grassy area with a slight slope. There are no restrooms at the beach.


Last updated: March 18, 2022

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