Quartermaster - 1847 Regulations

The Quartermaster's Office

62… While it is the duty of the Quartermaster's Department to provide quarters, commanding officers are responsible that they are distributed according to regulations.

96… Each Colonel, or other permanent commander of a regiment, will appoint, from the subaltern officers of the regiment, his Adjutant and Regimental-Quartermaster, (the latter subject to the approval of the Secretary of War,) and report the same to the Adjutant-General. These appointments, when duly made and announced, will not be vacated, except by sentence of a General Court Martial, or by the authority of the permanent commander of the regiment.

102… Appointments of regimental quartermaster will only be conferred upon officers who unite the experience, discretion, and qualifications necessary for the efficient performance of their responsible and varied duties.

103… Among these duties, are the laying out of camps; care of the wages and camp equipage of the regiment; superintending the removal of obstructions in roads, during a march; being present at issues, and distributions, to judge of the quantity and quality of the supplies tendered; and the duties of Assistant-Quartermaster at a post or station.

104… In addition to his duties as quartermaster of the regiment or post, the regimental quartermaster will perform the functions of Assistant Commissary of Subsistence, if the command be less than a regiment.

690… The Generals will, when necessary, unite the pioneers at the head of the column, to overcome difficulties in the way of the march, and send forward a quartermaster, or other staff-officer, to superintend these operations.

706… Troops destined to the interior will, generally, be furnished with marching routes, specifying the places where the necessary subsistence, forage, and other supplies, may be found; and whether these supplies e previously provided or not, the commander of the corps or detachment will send forward every morning, a Quartermaster, or some other agent, to prepare for the wants of the troops before their arrival.

709… The baggage trains belonging to general headquarters, and the headquarters of army-corps, will be confided to the officer of the Quartermaster's department, attached to those headquarters respectively.

710… The train of each regiment will be under the conduct of the Quartermaster-Sergeant, or some other Sergeant; that of the brigade, under the conduct of an officer of the Quartermaster's department; and when the several trains of a division are united, the senior officer of the Quartermaster's department shall have charge of the whole.

711… The several conductors of trains shall be responsible to the Quartermaster-General, or the superior officer of his department, for the prescribed order of march; for the parking and for the orderly conduct of all under them. Regimental: to perform duties of assistant commissary of substance.

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