Types of Trees

There are approximately 3,800 cherry trees within the park. This list is provided to show the relative populations of the different varieties. Due to fluctuations in population resulting from the removal of dead trees and the planting of new trees, the exact numbers of trees are not provided.

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Yoshino Cherry Blossom
Yoshino Cherry

Prunus x Yedoenis

70% of total

Kwanzan Cherry Blossom
Kwanzan Cherry

Prunus serrulata "Kwanzan"

12.6% of total

Takemensis Cherry Blossom
Takesimensis Cherry

Prunus Takesimensis

5% of total

Autumn Flowering Cherry Blossom
Autumn Flowering Cherry

Prunus Subhirtella var. autumnalis

3% of total

Akebono Cherry Blossom
Akebono Cherry

Prunus x yedoensis "Akebono"

3% of total
Weeping Cherry Blossom
Weeping Cherry

Prunus Subhirtella var. pendula

of total
Usuzumi Cherry Blossom
Usuzumi Cherry

Prunus spachiana f. ascendens

1.3% of total

Sargent Cherry Blossom
Sargent Cherry

Prunus Sargentii

<1% of total

Afterglow Cherry Blossom
Afterglow Cherry

Prunus x yedoensis "Afterglow"

of total
Shirofugen Cherry Blossom
Shirofugen Cherry

Prunus serulata "Shirofugen"

<1% of total

Okame Cherry Blossom
Okame Cherry

Prunus x "Okame"

<1% of total