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2024 Total Solar Eclipse

Illustrated map of Ohio and surrounding area; a dark band runs from the lower left to the upper right, representing the path of the moon’s shadow during the eclipse; oblong purple ovals within this band represent the moon’s shadow at particular times.
An excerpt of a NASA map shows the path and timing of the eclipse over Ohio.

NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio

On Monday, April 8, 2024 Cuyahoga Valley National Park will experience a total solar eclipse. A total eclipse occurs when the moon appears to totally obscure the sun. On average, this occurs somewhere on Earth only once every 1.5 years. The last total solar eclipse visible in Ohio was in 1806. The next one to pass over Ohio is predicted for 2099.

When Is It?

For over an hour, you can watch as the moon slowly covers the sun, leading up to a 4-minute window of “totality” starting locally around 3:13 pm EDT. During totality, the moon will completely cover the sun. The timing and duration of totality will vary by location. Another hour of partial eclipse will follow after totality.

Safe Eclipse Viewing

It is never safe to look directly at the sun without eclipse rated eye protection. The one exception is during totality, which lasts only a few minutes. At all other times, the light of the sun can cause permanent eye damage after only a few seconds of unprotected viewing.

It is safe to view the eclipse with specially designed solar filters, such as "eclipse glasses." Eclipse glasses that have scratches or holes in them should not be used. Homemade filters and ordinary sunglasses, even very dark ones, are not safe for looking at the sun. Visit the eclipse safety page to find answers to common eclipse safety questions.

What to Expect in the Park

On the day of the eclipse, we expect the park to be extremely busy with out-of-town visitors. For many local residents the "best seat in the house" may be nearest to home. We encourage people to view the eclipse from open spaces closer to home if possible.

The safety of park visitors, partners, and staff are a top priority. Please keep the following in mind if traveling that day:

Come early, stay late

  • We expect heavy traffic and long waits on local roadways on April 8. Please be patient and courteous while driving.
  • Consider carpooling, and try to have plenty of gas or charge for your vehicle if you plan to drive.
  • Parking lots will likely fill early. Park in official spaces only. Do not enter closed areas.
  • Consider staying after the eclipse for a hike or to enjoy sunset while traffic thins out.
  • Pack it in, pack it out. Facilities may be overwhelmed. Consider taking your trash with you when you leave.
  • Don't stay too late: there is no camping in the national park. There are private campgrounds and state parks nearby.

Plan ahead for a long day

  • Bring plenty of food, water, and any required medications for the rest of the day. Consider these same needs if traveling with pets.
  • Prepare to be outdoors in any kind of weather. April in Northeast Ohio can keep you guessing.
  • Download the NPS App ahead of time and save park content for offline use.
  • Cell service may be limited. Charge your phone and write down key phone numbers just in case.
  • In the park, in case of emergency dial 911 or 440-546-5945. Responses could be delayed due to traffic.
  • Get to know the area before you visit and bring a paper map.
  • Let others know where you will be.
  • Read up on other general tips for planning a visit to the park.

Viewing areas

While there are many places in the park with open space for viewing, the following locations will have support from rangers and additional portable toilets:

Partner facilities

The Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park plans to operate several of their locations on the day of the eclipse. These include:

  • Boston Store
  • Trail Mix Peninsula
  • The Boston Mill Visitor Center Gift Shop
  • Pop-up retail at the Ledges
  • The Gallery
Graphic with image of the moon eclipsing the sun; text reads "Cosmic Glow" with a list of artists and other information.

Arts in the Park

Come bask in Cosmic Glow, a new multimedia exhibition inspired by the transformative potential of the eclipse. It features five Northeast Ohio artists who demonstrate how color, material, and composition all impact our perception. The exhibition opens March 30 in partnership with Museum of Creative Human Art (MOCHA). Learn more on the Conservancy for CVNP website.

What Is a Solar Eclipse?

A total solar eclipse is a lineup of the sun, the moon, and Earth. The moon will be directly between the sun and Earth, casting a shadow on Earth. Totality (total eclipse) occurs when the moon covers the entirety of the sun except for the corona, or sun’s atmosphere. The longest total eclipse time occurs at the center line, where you experience the moon’s shadow’s full width. Outside the cone or umbra, viewers will experience a partial eclipse.

What If I Miss It?

The next opportunities to experience a total solar eclipse over the United States will be in 2044 (in North Dakota and Montana) and 2045 (as it crosses from California to Florida).

Learn More

For more in-depth information about upcoming eclipses and other celestial events, visit the NASA Eclipses page.

For local events and information, visit the Destination Cleveland website or the Akron/Summit Convention & Visitors Bureau website.

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