Cumberland Island Camping


Important for Campers

* You must have a reservation to camp on the island
* Print a copy of your camping permit within 10 days of the start of your trip and bring it with you to the park
* Sea Camp and Stafford Beach have drinkable water (treat water at wilderness campgrounds)
* No fires at the wilderness sites (Hickory Hill, Yankee Paradise, and Brickhill Bluff)
* Be prepared to hang your food at all three wilderness campgrounds
*There are no trash cans on the island. Please plan to pack out all trash and follow Leave No Trace principles.
* Carts of any kind are not allowed north of Sea Camp. Campers should be prepared to hike all gear into Stafford Beach and all three wilderness sites.
* Plan camping reservation around seasonal ferry schedule (no Tuesday/Wednesday ferry during winter, Dec. 1st - Feb. 28th)
*Hammocks must be free-standing.  Tying to trees or any structures prohibited.

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Information to help you plan and prepare for your camping trip to Cumberland Island National Seashore. Additional information for camping at designated wilderness sites is available at


Making Camping Reservations

To make reservations for camping please visit:

search "Cumberland Island National Seashore"
  • Read through the Overview, Need to Know, and Fees & Cancellations sections
  • Select the "Build Itinerary" button to look for availability and put together your trip
  • Once you have entered the starting date & group size at the top, the calendar will display available campsites.
  • When you hover over a site with you mouse cursor, the map on the right will show its location. Click the itinerary tab at the top of the map to see the dates and locations you have selected.
campground with tents, picnic table, and fire ring
Sea Camp is the most developed campground on the island. It is located a half mile from Sea Camp Dock.

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General Information

Reservations can be made up to six months in advance.
  • Dates will become available six months in advance to the day. (Note that dates will no longer open a month at a time.)
  • Reservations can be made for nights beyond the open window provided the entry date is within six months. (Please note that you cannot change your entry date. In order to do this the reservation will need to be cancelled and a new reservation made. All fees apply.)
  • The Wilderness area and associated campsites are CLOSED during managed hunts on the island. Hunts are held October through January each year. If you camp during these times you will not be able to hike into the wilderness area or to Plum Orchard. Check the managed hunts page to see if this may impact your visit.
Permits and Fee Requirements
  • Camping fees are paid online
  • Park entrance fees are paid at the Mainland Visitor Center when checking in for the ferry. Private boaters may pay their entrance fee using the pipe safes located at each island dock.
    ***Visit the fees and passes page for fee rates.***
  • Print and retain one copy of the camping permit at all times during the stay.
Overnight Parking

Camping Rules and Restrictions

  • Stay Limit: 7 consecutive nights.
  • A person cannot hold more than one permit for the same date. That permit holder must occupy the site.
  • Maximum campers and equipment: The individual site maximum is six persons. The Sea Camp Group Campground maximum is 20 people. Children two years of age and under do not count toward the maximum.
  • Gear Transport: Carts and wheeled coolers of any kind are not permitted North of the Sea Camp area. Campers with reservations at Stafford Beach, Hickory Hill, Yankee Paradise, or Brickhill Bluff campgrounds should plan on backpacking all gear to those sites.
  • Campfires: Only permitted at Sea Camp & Stafford Beach. Use designated fire rings only. You may gather dead and down wood or purchase bundles of firewood on the ferry.
  • Propane Tanks: Propane tanks larger than 1 gallon are NOT permited on the ferry.
  • Hammocks: Hammocks must be free-standing. Tying to trees or any man made structure prohibited.
  • Check out time: 10:00 a.m.
  • Quiet hours: 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.
  • Food and Trash Storage: Store or hang all food and trash. Raccoons are common. Follow Leave No Trace principles
  • Drinking Water: Available at Plum Orchard, Stafford Beach, and all areas south of Sea Camp. Treat water at all other areas of the island.
  • No Pets: Only service animals are permitted in campgrounds.
  • No Lifeguards. Swim at your own risk.
  • All animals on the island - including horses - are wild! Do not approach within 50 feet of horses; they may bite or kick.

America the Beautiful Passes - Discounts

Senior and Access passholders are entitled to a 50% discount on camping fees at individual sites. The pass number can be entered on at the time of reservation. The passholder must occupy the site. Present the pass in person, with ID at the Mainland Visitor Center during check in.
*No pass discounts on group campsites.

Returning on the ferry?

Campers staying at Sea Camp Campground

  • you are required to return on the 10:15 A.M. ferry from Sea Camp Dock
Campers staying at Stafford Beach, Hickory Hill, Yankee Paradise, and Brickhill Bluff Campgrounds
  • you are required to return on the 2:45 P.M. ferry from Sea Camp Dock on dates when it is operating.
Campers can make a special request to return on the 4:45 P.M. ferry by contacting the Ferry Office. Due to the likelihood that the 4:45 P.M. ferry will be full, these requests will be subject to availability.

Camping with a Bike

You can bring your own bike camping but there are some things you should know before you do.

Visit the Biking page for more info

Campground Information

Cumberland Island offers  five campgrounds , which include designated campsites at Sea Camp and Stafford Beach; and Wilderness campsites at: Hickory Hill, Yankee Paradise and Brickhill Bluff. Camping is only permitted in these five campgrounds.  A permit is required to camp in any of these five camping areas.


Refund & Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations 10 days or more before the start date of the reservation will result in a refund of the permit cost minus a 25% cancellation fee.
  • Cancellations less than 10 days from the start date of the reservation will result in a refund of the permit cost minus a 50% cancellation fee.
  • No refunds will be granted for cancellations one day prior to the start date of the reservation. When a reservation is cancelled, those dates will be made available for other campers at a random time within 24 hours.

Changes Before Permit is Printed:

The Refund and Cancellation Policy will be applied to all changes to the reservation. The start date of the reservation cannot be changed without cancelling the reservation. A new reservation must be made. Cancellation fees apply and fees associated with making a new reservation apply. Reservations are non-transferable.

After Permit is Printed:

Changes cannot be made to permit once it is printed. Changes will require a cancellation of the permit and reserving a new permit, if space is available. All cancellation fees and new reservation fees apply.

  • Permits can only be printed within 10 days of the arrival date.
  • You cannot change your site assignment.
  • All permits must be honored as they are.
  • Ensure every person on the camping permit has reserved a round-trip ferry ticket or has transportation via private boat.

No Show Policy

If you do not cancel and decide not to use your reservation, none of the fees will be refunded. Please cancel your reservation if you are unable to use it as this opens space for others.

Last updated: February 7, 2024

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