Managed Hunts

2023 - 2024 Hunt Dates

Hunt Type Date Game Age
Archery October 3-5 Hog and Deer 14 and over
Primitive Weapons November 7-9 Hog and Deer 14 and over
Primitive Weapons December 5-7 Hog and Deer 14 and over
Adult/Child December 21-22 Hog and Deer Ages 12 - 17
Modern Weapons January 9-11 Hog Only 14 and Over
Modern Weapons January 23-25 Hog Only 14 and Over

** 9/1/22: There is a new hunter check-in procedure. All hunters must check-in before active hunting activities. Read on for details.**

**Note: Starting in 2021-2022, the hunt dates have changed from previous years. New hunt dates will be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The hunt passenger ferry will depart on Monday and return Friday. The Adult/Child hunt will take place on Monday and Tuesday, with the ferry departing Sunday and returning Wednesday.

Hunt Registration

The Park will accept on-line registrations beginning July 1st and continue until the quotas have been reached. The number of hunts one can register for is not limited. Registration will close 3 days prior to each hunt.

The registration process will be first come first served. The hunt fee is $35.00 per hunter per hunt except for the adult/child hunt where the fee is $35.00 per adult/child pair. Payment is required at the time of registration. The fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. When a particular hunt quota is full, registration for that hunt will be closed. Hunters can register as individuals or as a group. A group consists of up to 5 members plus the group lead. Standby hunters are no longer being accepted. An e-mail will confirm your registration.

The hunt registration site may be accessed at - Home then search for "Cumberland Island National Seashore Managed Hunts".

Weapon and License Regulations

Archery: Longbows, recurve bows, compound bows and crossbows (scopes legal).

Primitive Weapons: Archery equipment (as listed above) and muzzle loading firearms (scopes legal). Centerfire handguns are allowed on primitive weapons hunts.

Modern Weapons: Rifle or handgun, centerfire only, .22 caliber or larger.Shotguns 20 gauge or larger loaded with slugs, buckshot is prohibited.

Hunting License Requirements

Deer and Hog Hunts: Georgia residents need a Georgia Big Game License.Non-residents need a Georgia non-resident hunting license and a Georgia non-resident Big Game License.

Hog Only Hunts: Georgia residents need a Georgia resident hunting license. Non-residents need a Georgia non-resident hunting license. A Georgia Big Game License is not needed for the hog only hunts.

Cumberland Island follows Georgia Department of Natural Resources hunting regulations. For more detailed hunting, weapon and license information go to

Cumberland Island managed hunt and camp regulations

Non-hunters are not allowed. Camping is for registered hunters only. This pertains to all hunts.

Adult/Child: Children between the ages of 10 and 17 may participate with any youth under the age of 16 accompanied by an adult at all times during the hunt. One adult per child is allowed. Only the child is allowed to harvest game. Modern weapons are allowed. The fee for each adult/child pair is $35.00.

Check-in for archery, primitive weapons, and hog-only hunts are on Monday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM at either Plum Orchard Hunt Camp or Brickhill Bluff Campground. Check-in for the adult/child hunt is on Sunday. All hunters are required to check in and present their hunting license and identification. An orientation covering the rules and regulations will be given at 1:30 P.M. at Hunt Camp.

Hunting takes place sunrise to sunset Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. (Monday & Tuesday for adult/child hunt)

Hunters may set up camp no earlier than 8:00 AM the day before a hunt begins. All hunters must depart by 12:00 PM the day after the hunt ends.

Deer harvested will be tagged with a GA DNR managed hunt tag and will not count against the hunter's state bag limit.


Transportation to Cumberland Island is by passenger ferry or private boat. The hunt passenger ferry departs from the National Park Service dock in St Marys at 10:00 AM on Monday. The return ferry departs Plum Orchard dock at 10:30 AM on Friday. The ferry for the adult/child hunt departs on Sunday and returns on Wednesday. The round trip fare is $50.00. Reservations for the ferry must be made when you receive your hunt confirmation. Please specify the 10 AM Hunt ferry. The ferry reservation number is 877-860-6787 or 912-882-4335. No other charter or water taxi operators are authorized to operate to the seashore.

"The Plum Orchard Dock will be closed during the six (6) annual hunts announced annually. Individuals who have the right to use the Plum Orchard dock included in their retained rights agreement, or other previously recognized legal document, may dock at Plum Orchard, but are prohibited from docking in such a way that interferes with ferry docking."

The compendium is available on our website by clicking here.

Private boaters may check-in at Plum Orchard Hunt Camp or Brickhill Bluff Campground. Private boats must be beached or stream anchored. Private boats may use Plum Orchard dock to load/unload gear but are not allowed to dock overnight.

Camp Areas

All hunters are required to camp at Plum Orchard Hunt Camp or Brickhill Bluff Campground.

Plum Orchard Hunt Camp Amenities:

Bathroom and showers, walk-in cooler (game only), potable ice machine, potable water, deer/hog cleaning station, scales, first aid station, and ranger cabin with electricity to charge electronic equipment. A tour of Plum Orchard mansion is offered Wednesday (time will be announced).

Please prepackage all equipment and supplies you bring to limit the amount of refuse generated.

Brickhill Bluff Campground Amenities and Regulations:

None, except a great view of the Brickhill River. Non-potable water is available. No fires are allowed and everything packed in must be packed out. Trash pickup is NOT available at Brickhill Bluff campground.

Hunter Check-In

**New check-in Process for 2022**

All hunters must check in with Park Staff prior to engaging in active hunting activities.

  • Active hunting activities are considered walking, standing, or sitting with a weapon within the designated hunt area.
  • Passive hunting activities are considered camping, hiking, or scouting without a weapon.

Check-In for Hunters will consist of the following:

  1. Hunt Registration verification from list.
  2. Hunter Orientation (returning hunters and first time hunters).
  3. GA Hunting License check with proper endorsements.
  4. Hunt origination verification (Hunt Camp, Brickhill Bluff, Private Residence).
  5. Weapon verification and safety check (Archery, Primitive Weapons, Modern Weapons).
  6. Emergency Contact and Cell phone verification.

A single use wristband will be issued upon successful check-In. Wristband must be worn or carried visibly on the hunter’s person or gear prior to participating in any Active Hunting.

Check-In for all Hunters will take place at:

  • 1:00pm the day before the hunt begins.
  • At Hunt Camp cabin at Plum Orchard.
  • At Brickhill Bluff Campground at the well head.
  • Check-In will occur before orientation.
  • Previous hunters do not have to attend orientation.
  • New hunters are strongly encouraged to attend orientation.
  • All Hunters must attend Check-In.
  • Ferry Hunters must attend Check-In at Hunt Camp.
  • Boat Hunters must attend Check-In at Hunt Camp or Brickhill Bluff Campground.
  • Resident Hunters must attend Check-In at Hunt Camp or Brickhill Bluff Campground.
  • Hunters who miss check-In must contact Park Staff to arrange for check-In prior to active hunting.
  • Missed Check-In will occur at either Hunt Camp or Brickhill Campground between 10:00am and 4:00pm on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of the hunt.
    • Example: Hunter is unable to Check-In at 1:00pm on Monday. Hunter may not Active Hunt on Tuesday morning until after they Check-In with Park Staff between 10:00am and 4:00pm.

Hunters engaging in Active Hunting without a permit will be subject to a violation under 36 CFR 2.2(b).



Lodging Classification for CUIS Managed Hunts

  • Hunt Camp
  • Front-country tent camping near Plum Orchard dock.
  • Accessible by ferry, private boat, and Island roads.
  • Brickhill Bluff Campground
  • Back-country tent camping in designated Wilderness.
  • Accessible by private boat and island roads.
  • Private Residences
  • Located across CUIS.

Hunter Classifications for CUIS Managed Hunts

  • Ferry Hunters
  • Ferry hunters pay a $50.00 fee to leave for the island at 10:00am and arrived at ~11:00am at the Plum Orchard dock.
  • Ferry hunters primarily stay at Hunt Camp at Plum Orchard.
  • Ferry hunters leave the day after the hunt from Plum Orchard Dock at ~10:30am.
  • Boat Hunters
  • Boat hunter are free to come and go from the island on their personal boats before, during, and after the three-day managed hunt.
  • Boat hunters stay at either Hunt Camp or Brickhill Bluff Campground.
  • Boat hunters typically arrive the day before the hunt begins and leave the day after the hunt ends.
  • Resident Hunters
  • Resident Hunters own property or are family/ friends on property owners on Cumberland Island.
  • Resident Hunters typically have their own transportation to and around the island.
  • Resident Hunters typically stay at their residences during the hunt.

Last updated: May 23, 2023

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