Cape Cod National Seashore Oversand Beach Driving

Visitors enjoy the oversand beach corridor in the summertime.

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Call the ORV Hotline for station hours, current driving conditions, updated closures and other information. The recording is updated when conditions change: (508) 487- 2100, ext. 0926.

To speak with a park ranger, call the Oversand Permits Office: (508) 487-2100, ext. 0927.


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For the 2021 season, Cape Cod National Seashore will offer both a mail-in permit application option as well as an in-person permit application option. The mail-in permit will be live on the website as of April 1, 2021. Mail-in applications MUST include a self addressed, stamped envelope so the permit can be mailed back to you. As always, the Oversands Permit Office at Race Point Beach opens April 10 for in-person permit applications. Follow the "How to Get an ORV Permit" link for the mail-in application and more information.

The ORV corridor at Cape Cod National Seashore is comprised of miles of unspoiled beaches managed by the National Park Service to accommodate ORV enthusiasts and other beach goers. Outlined are requirements and regulations for driving off-road at Cape Cod National Seashore. All applicable federal and state laws and regulations apply and are enforceable.

Use the Important Links listing to learn about the rules and regulations you need to know before applying for a permit, or accessing the ORV Corridor. The top link provides a map to the current status of the ORV Corridor, showing which sections are currently open.

Last updated: August 23, 2021

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To speak to a park ranger, call 508-255-3421 for visitor information.

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