ORV Limited Access

As an annual ORV Permit holder, you may be issued a Limited Access Pass, for the explicit purpose of fishing, collecting flotsam/jetsam/personal property, or accessing town shellfish beds at Hatches Harbor when appropriate using the ORV corridor at Race Point.
Before entering the beach ORV corridor, you must understand the potential hazards associated with off-road driving under winter beach conditions, including, but not limited to:
  • no established track,
  • extreme tides and weather conditions,
  • beach cuts,
  • and extremely soft sand.
Before recieving a Limited Access Pass, you must understand the information above and agree to:
  1. check a tide chart,
  2. enter and exit the beach via the Race Point North Access only,
  3. access the beach only between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm, except for the 2 hours before and after high tide, when all beach travel is prohibited regardless of time of day,
  4. honor all closures and posted signs,
  5. view the instructional video posted online below, or call the Race Point Ranger Station at 508-487-2100 extension 0928 to schedule a time to view the video at the station,
  6. fill out the Limited Access Vehicle Use form posted below, print it out, and keep it with you at all times along with your Annual ORV Permit while accessing the ORV coridor,
  7. call the Race Point Ranger Station at 508-487-2100 extension 0928, acknowledging that you have read this information sheet, understand it, and agree to comply with all ORV permit rules and Cape Cod National Seashore regulations. If a ranger does not answer the phone, leave a message with your contact information, annual permit number, and verbal acknowledgement. You must call and register before accessing the corridor for the first time in the off-season.

Limited Access Pass Form

Download a printable version of the form here. If you are unable to download and print the form, call the Race Point Ranger Station at 508-487-2100 extension 0928 to schedule a time to come in and pick up the form.

Download the form (pdf)
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2 minutes, 48 seconds

This video highlights the circumstances under which an off-season limited access pass may be granted during winter months at Cape Cod National Seashore. It also highlights some of the regulations and hazards associated with off-season access. There is approximately 16 seconds of black screen at the beginning of the video.

Last updated: September 30, 2020

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