Our Staff & Offices

Main Park Phone # 435.834.5322
Main Park Fax # 435.834.4703
Education Fee Waiver Fax # 435.834.4707

Office of the Superintendent

  • Linda Mazzu, Superintendent

Division of Administration

  • Sue Ann Sauvey, Budget Technician
  • Jeff Stock, Program Analyst/Concessions Assistant/Safety Officer

Resource Management and Visitor Protection

  • Cindy Morris-Ott, Chief of Resource Management and Visitor Protection
  • (Vacant), Deputy for Resource Management
  • Maegan Cooper, Ranger Activities Assistant
  • Mark Graham, Ph D., Supervisory Biologist
  • Eric Vasquez, Biological Science Technician (Vegetation)
  • Wesley Baker, Deputy Chief of Visitor Protection
  • Steve Morin, Park Ranger
  • Lauren Yoder, Park Ranger
  • Michael Gries, Park Ranger

Division of Interpretation & Visitor Services

  • Kathleen Gonder, Chief of Interpretation (acting)/Concessions Manager
  • Colleen Goff, Information Technology Specialist/Telephone System Operator
  • Jan Stock, Concessions Specialist
  • Cindy Donaldson, Supervisory Park Ranger (Interpretation)
  • Todd Cullings, Supervisory Park Ranger (Astronomy)
  • Peter Densmore, Visual Information Specialist
  • Kim Barton, Supervisory Visitor Use Assistant/Fee Waiver Associate
  • Dana Courtright, Administrative Technician
  • Charlene Jakicic, Fee Collection
  • Joneal Barton, Fee Collection
  • Marc Solomon, Fee Collection

Division of Facility Management

  • Phil Sauvey, Facility Manager
  • (Vacant), Housing Management Officer/FM Assistant
  • Kenny Hall, Historic Preservation
  • (Vacant), Roads & Trails Foreman
  • Ralph Goff, Equipment Operator
  • Gordon Pollock, Signs Manager
  • Royce Pollock, Equipment Operator
  • Bruce Wayland, Equipment Operator
  • Kelly Shakespear, Historic Preservation Specialist
  • Dale Pollock, Buildings & Utilities Foreman
  • Steve Clark, Maintenance Worker
  • Steve Beagly, Custodian
  • Phil Davis, Maintenance Worker
  • Chris Kline, Electrician
  • Moyle Johnson, Maintenance Worker
  • Frankie Moore, Custodian
  • Thomas Richards, Maintenance Worker
  • Guy Thompson, Utility Systems Operator
  • Dan Cloud, Project Manager
  • Kevin Poe, Project Manager

Last updated: July 17, 2017

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