Upon the Hill: The Beacon Hill Community

"I was born on Beacon Hill, and from early childhood, have loved to visit the Eastern wing of the State House, and read the four stones taken from the monument that once towered from its summit. One contains the following inscription: 'Americans, while from this eminence scenes of luxuriant fertility, of flourishing commerce, and the abodes of social happiness, meet your view, forget not those who by their exertions have secured to you these blessings.'"

- William Cooper Nell

Perhaps no neighborhood has defined the history of Boston more than Beacon Hill. Its residents, their homes, and their gathering spaces played a transformational role in Boston's unique social, cultural, and political history. Long associated with the Massachusetts State House and lavish mansions, Beacon Hill is also the neighborhood of the Black Heritage Trail®, the Museum of African American History, and Boston African American National Historic Site. Throughout its history, Beacon Hill has served as home for wealthy merchants and poor immigrants, industrialists and skilled artisans, social reformers and activists, political and religious leaders, writers, artists, and laborers.

Explore and find inspiration in the stories upon this hill.


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