Virtual Black Heritage Trail® Tour

Photograph of a cast iron gas lamp with a steel street sign with the words "Black Heritage Trail" and an arrow pointing ahead.
Signs mark the path of the physical Black Heritage Trail.

The Black Heritage Trail® is a 1.6 mile walk through the heart of Boston's Beacon Hill neighborhood. Most sites along the trail remain private residences. However, the final stops—the Abiel Smith School and the African Meeting House—are part of the Museum of African American History which is open to the public.

This self-guided audio tour is also available on the free NPS app! You can download this tour ahead of your visit and listen along as you walk through Boston.

Total run time of all 10 audio clips: 23 minutes, 51 seconds.


Download this tour and discover many more using the free NPS App!

How to find the Black Heritage Trail Tour® on the NPS App

  1. Download the free NPS App from your preferred app store
  2. Tap "Find a Park" and search "Boston African American National Historic Site"
  3. Select "Boston African American National Historic Site, Massachusetts," which will take you to the park homepage on the App
  4. Tap "Self-Guided Audio Tours"
  5. Select "The Black Heritage Trail"

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Last updated: March 31, 2023

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