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Whitin Mansion
Whitin Mansion


The Whitin mansions reflect the mill owners' rise to power and the social stratification that came to characterize Whitinsville. At the top of High Street, turn left onto Chestnut Street. Immediately on your right is the first mansion built by John C. Whitin, a Greek Revival structure erected in 1840. It originally stood across from the Whitin Machine Works and was moved in 1870 to make room for Whitin's second, and grander, mansion.
Turn back to where Chestnut Street merges with High Street and continue northeast to Hill Street. Across the street to your left stands Oakhurst, built in 1890 by Chester Lasell,son of Josiah Lasell and Jane Whitin, daughter of John C. Whitin. Chester Lasell succeeded his father as president of Whitin Machine Works. He bred some of the finest race horses in the country and entertained guests, including President Taft and Booker T. Washington, on a grand scale.
Turning right on Hill Street towards the town center, you will pass Whitin Park on your right. This was the site of John C. Whitin's second mansion, a 32-room Victorian structure that stood at the top of this landscaped estate. Built in 1875, the estate boasted three greenhouses, several swan ponds, and trees imported from all over the world. The house was torn down in 1943, but much of the foundation remains.
Across the street, at 24 Hill Street, is the Victorian home built in 1875 by Gustavus Taft, John C. Whitin's Superintendent of Works.

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