Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area boasts a spectacular landscape. The park is making efforts to make sites more accessible so everyone can experience the magnificence of the Canyon. For help planning your visit or to get clarification on accessibility, please call or email the Bighorn Canyon Visitor Center.


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Access Pass

Available for: U.S. citizens or permanent residents with permanent disabilities. Applicants must provide documentation of permanent disability and residency or citizenship. For more information see America the Beautiful Passes.

Wheelchairs and Mobility

Audio Assistance

  • Some Films shown at the Bighorn Canyon Visitor Center in Lovell, Wyoming and at the Yellowtail Dam Visitor include assistive listening devices and captioning.

  • Most wayside signs in the park have been recorded for download.

Visual Assistance

Versions of the Official Park Map and Guide are available in braille. Large print is coming soon.

The following area waysides have been recorded for download:

  • Devil Canyon Overlook area – A total of nine signs share information about the geology and natural features at the overlook.

  • Ewing/Snell Ranch area – Five signs share the story of the Ewing and Snell families that lived at the ranch and the importance of water to their existence.

  • Hillsboro Area – Learn about the unique Cedervale Ranch and its inhabitants.

  • Lockhart Ranch Area – Caroline Lockhart was an independent woman who expanded her ranch to over 6000 acres. Learn more about her adventures and how she did it.

  • Mason-Lovell Ranch – Henry Clay Lovell and Anthony Mason partnered to form a successful cattle ranching business in northwest Wyoming. After listening to the seven waysides and visiting the ranch, visitors will understand how devastating the winter of 1886-87 was for area ranchers.

  • Visitor Center Nature Pond Trail – Six signs help visitors understand the pond ecosystem and track animals around the pond.

  • Two Eagle Interpretive Trail – Learn about the tipi rings in the area and what stories they have left behind while listening to the eight wayside panels.

  • Wild Horse Range Signs – The horse range signs are spread over three locations, strategically placed where horses may be viewed. Each of the five signs provides information about the range and the horses.

  • Lovell Visitor Center Introductory Waysides – Four introductory signs at the Lovell Visitor Center get you started on your adventure.

  • Four Winds Interpretive Site – Coming Soon

  • Ok-A-Beh Marina Wayside Sign – Listen to a description of the fascinating geology which surrounds the Ok-A-Beh Marina and formed Bighorn Canyon.

  • Yellowtail Dam Visitor Center Wayside – Four signs which introduce you to the benefits, wonders and history of the Yellowtail Dam.

Service Animals

  • Qualified service animals assisting people with disabilities are allowed throughout the park and in all park facilities. They must be leashed and monitored at all times.

Last updated: September 11, 2020

Contact the Park

Mailing Address:

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area South District Visitor Center
20 US Hwy 14A

Lovell, WY 82431


(307) 548-5406

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