Shenandoah Virtual Junior Ranger

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Now, there are two ways to become a Junior Ranger in Shenandoah National Park! If you are coming to the Park you can pick up a booklet and earn a Junior Ranger badge in person. And you can also earn a Virtual Junior Ranger badge right here on our website! To get your virtual badge complete each of the activities below. Then, Ranger David will swear you in and you can download your Virtual Junior Ranger badge!

If you're still craving more, check out our Virtual Junior Ranger Programs to learn about all of the cool things you can find in Shenandoah. Have fun!

Search through our website to find the answers to all of the following questions. Once you've found them all, continue to Activity #2.

  1. How many campgrounds are there in Shenandoah? Which one would you want to stay at?

  2. How long is Skyline Drive? What is the speed limit? How long would it take for you to drive the entire Park?

  3. How far away should you be to safely view a bear? Try to find something that far away from you right now!

  4. How many types of fungi grow in Shenandoah National Park?

  5. How many types of wildflowers grow in the Park? Draw your favorite flower.

  6. What is the longest trail in Shenandoah? How long is it?

  7. What can you see in Shenandoah on a moonless and cloud-free night?

  8. How many Visitors Centers are in the Park? Where are they?

  9. What are two things you can do to prepare to hike safely in Shenandoah, or anywhere else?

  10. What color are the hiking trail "blazes" in the Park? Choose all that apply:
    [ ] Red [ ] Yellow [ ] Green [ ] White [ ] Orange [ ] Blue [ ] Purple

Write a caption for this photograph of a groundhog. Be creative — it can be as serious or as silly as you want it to be! Once you've finished, continue to Activity #3.

A groundhog eating clover

Find each of the 14 different words about Shenandoah hidden in the word search below. If you'd like to print it out, right click on the word search below and select "Save As" to download it to your computer. Then, you'll be able to print it out and circle the answers yourself! Once you've found them all, move on to Activity #4.

A groundhog eating clover

Download the amazing arrowhead activity sheet to learn why the arrowhead was chosen as the National Park Service logo, and create a new logo for your own National Park!

Once you've finished, move on to Activity #5.

Skyline Drive goes right through the middle of Shenandoah National Park and is a great way to see some of the best views in the country. Fill in the blanks of this activity to follow Skyline Drive through the history of Shenandoah. Look for clues in the road signs!

Once you've finished, move on to Activity #6.

You might not always see the animals around you, but by observing, you can look for clues to figure out who might have been wandering around before you! Look for tracks (animal footprints) and traces (things that animals have shed, chewed on, or even what they use for a home)!

Go outside and look for clues to figure out who your animal neighbors are!

  1. Write down or draw what you find.
  2. What can you learn from the clues you found?

Once you've finished, move on to the Virtual Junior Ranger pledge!

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Virtual Junior Ranger Pledge

As a Junior Ranger, I _______________ promise to learn all I can to help preserve and protect Shenandoah National Park, and its plants, wildlife, history, and natural features. When I go home, I will continue to learn and teach others how to protect the natural world.

Visit our keyboard shortcuts docs for details
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Once you've completed all of the virtual junior ranger activities for Shenandoah National Park, take this pledge to become an official Virtual Junior Ranger!

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Right click the image above and select "Save As" to save and print your Virtual Junior Ranger badge. After printing it, cut it out and glue it to cardboard or tape it into your passport book!

Shenandoah National Park

Last updated: January 24, 2024