• St. Pauls Church National Historic Site

    Saint Paul's Church

    National Historic Site New York

People: Colonial and Revolutionary Era


Grave marker at St. Paul's for Richard Shute (RS) who died December 14, 1704.


Native Inhabitants of the St. Paul's Area

Anne Hutchinson

Richard Shute: The Man Under the Oldest Stone

Thomas Standard: The Minister Buried Beneath St. Paul's Church

Rev. Samuel Seabury: St. Paul's Revolutionary War Minister

Frederick Stevenson: Battle of White Plains, Buried at St. Paul's Church.

The Ward Family and the American Revolution

Directors of the American Field Hospital at St. Paul's Church

Theodosius Fowler: Revolutionary War Soldier

John Glover: Sailor, Soldier, Patriot

The Hessians

Samuel Treadwell Pell: Continental Army Officer

Philip Pell: Revolutionary War Leader, Last member of the Continental Congress

Stephen Ward: Local Revolutionary leader, buried at St. Paul's

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