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Confederate Order of Battle- Second Manassas

Army of Northern Virginia

General Robert E. Lee

Right Wing:

Major General James Longstreet

Anderson's Division: Major General Richard H. Anderson

  • Armistead's Brigade: BG Lewis A. Armistead
    9th Viriginia: LtCol James Gilliam
    14th Virginia: Col James Hodges
    38th Virginia: Col E.C. Edmonds
    53rd Virginia: LtCol John Grammer
    57th Virginia: LtCol David Dyer
    5th Virginia Battalion
  • Mahone's Brigade: BG William Mahone (w), Col David Weisiger
    6th Virginia: Col George T. Rogers
    12th Virginia: Col Weisiger
    16th Virginia: Col Charles A. Crump (k)
    41st Virginia: William A. Parham
  • Wright's Brigade: BG Ambrose R. Wright
    44th Alabama: LtCol Charles A. Derby (w)
    3rd Georgia
    22nd Georgia
    48th Georgia

Jones' Division:Brigadier General David R. Jones

  • Toomb's Brigade: Col Henry L. Benning, BG Toombs
    2nd Georgia: LtCol W.R. Holmes
    15th Georgia: Col W.T. Millican
    17th Georgia: Maj J.H. Pickett (w), Capt A.C. Jones (k)
    Capt H.L. French
    20th Georgia: Maj J.D. Waddell
  • Drayton's Brigade: BG Thomas F. Drayton
    50th Georgia
    51st Georgia
    15th South Carolina
    Phillip's (GA) Legion
  • Jones' Brigade: Col George T. Anderson
    1st Georgia: Maj J.D. Walker
    7th Georgia: Col William T. Wilson (k)
    8th Georgia: LtCol John R. Towers
    9th Georgia: Col Benjamin Beck
    11th Georgia: LtCol William Luffman

Wilcox's Division: Brigadier General Cadmus Wilcox

  • Wilcox's Brigade: BG Wilcox
    8th Alabama: Maj Hilary A. Herbert
    9th Alabama: Maj H.J. Williams
    10th Alabama: Maj J.H. Caldwell
    11th Alabama: Capt J.C.C. Sanders
  • Pryor's Brigade: BG Roger A. Pryor
    14th Alabama: Col Alfred Campbell Wood
    2nd Florida:
    5th Florida:
    8th Florida:
    3rd Virginia: Col Joseph Mayo, Jr.
  • Featherston's Brigade: BG Winfield Scott Featherston
    12th Mississippi:
    16th Mississippi: Col Carnot Posey
    19th Mississippi:
    2nd Mississippi Battalion:
  • Artillery
    Thomas Artillery (VA): Capt E.J. Anderson
    Dixie Artillery (VA): Capt W.H. Champman

Hood's Division: Brigadier General John B. Hood

  • Hood's Brigade: BG Hood
    18th Georgia: Col William T. Wofford
    Hampton Legion: LtCol Martin W. Gary
    1st Texas: LtCol P.A. Work
    4th Texas: LtCol B.F. Carter
    5th Texas: Col J.B. Robertson (w), Capt K. Bryan (w), Capt I. Turner

  • Law's Brigade: Col Evander M. Law
    4th Alabama: LtCol O.K. McLemore
    2nd Mississippi: Col J.M. Stone
    11th Mississippi: Col P.F. Liddell
    6th North Carolina: Maj Robert F. Webb

  • Artillery: Maj B.W. Frobel
    German Artillery (SC): Capt W.K. Bachman
    Palmetto Artillery (SC): Capt H.R. Garden
    Rowan Artillery (NC): Capt James Reilly

  • Evan's Independent Brigade: BG Nathan G. Evans, Col P.F. Stevens
    17th South Carolina: Col J.H. Means (k), LtCol F.W. McMaster
    18th South Carolina: Col J. M. Gadberry (k), LtCol W.H. Wallace
    22nd South Carolina (detached): Col S.D. Goodlett
    23rd South Carolina: Col H.L. Benbow (w), Capt M.V. Bancroft
    Holcombe Legion: Col Stevens, LtCol F.G. Palmer (w), Maj W.J. Crowley
    Macbeth Artillery (SC): Capt. R. Boyce

Kemper's Division: Brigadier General James L. Kemper

  • Kemper's Brigade: Col Montgomery D. Corse (w), Col W.R. Terry
    1st Virginia: LtCol Frederick G. Skinner (w)
    7th Virginia: Col W.T. Patton
    11th Virginia: Maj Adam Clement
    17th Virginia: LtCol Morton Marye (w), Maj Arthur Herbert
    24th Virginia: Col W.R. Terry

  • Pickett's Brigade: Col Eppa Hunton
    8th Virginia: LtCol Norborne Berkeley
    18th Virginia: Maj George G. Cabell
    19th Virginia: Col James B. Strange
    28th Virginia: Col Robert C. Allen
    56th Virginia: Col William D. Stuart

  • Jenkin's Brigade: BG Micah Jenkin's (w),
    Col Joseph Walker
    1st South Carolina: Col T.J. Glover (k)
    2nd South Carolina (Rifles):
    5th South Carolina:
    6th South Carolina:
    Palmetto Sharpshooters: Col Joseph Walker


  • Washington Artillery (LA): Col J.B. Walton
    1st Company: Capt C.W. Squires
    2nd Company: Capt J.B. Richardson (attach. to Toombs)
    3rd Company: Capt M.B. Miller
    4th Company: Capt B.F. Eshleman (attach. to Hunton)

  • Lee's Battalion: Col Stephen D. Lee
    Bath Artillery (VA): Capt J.L. Dabank
    Portsmith Artillery (VA): Lt T.J. Oakham
    Bedford Artillery (VA): Capt T.C. Jordan
    Parker's Battery (VA): Capt W.W. Parker
    Taylor's Battery (VA): Capt J.S. Taylor
    Rhett's Battery (SC): Lt. William Elliot

  • Miscellaneous Batteries
    Norfolk Artillery (VA): Capt F. Huger (assigned to Anderson Div)
    Goochland Artillery (VA): Capt W. Turner (assigned to Anderson Div)
    Donaldsonville Artillery (LA)
    Moorman's Battery (VA): (attached to Anderson Div)
    Loudoun Artillery (VA): Capt A.L. Rogers (attached to Corse's brigade)
    Fauquier Artillery (VA): Capt R.M. Stribling (attached to Jenkin's brigade)

Left Wing:

Major General Thomas J. Jackson

Jackson's Division: Brigadier General W.B. Taliaferro (w), BG William E. Starke

  • First Brigade: Col William S.H. Baylor (k), Col Andrew J. Grigsby
    2nd Virginia: LtCol Lawson Botts (k), Capt J.W. Rowan,
    Capt R.T. Colston
    4th Virginia: LtCol R.D. Gardner
    5th Virginia: Maj H.J. Williams
    27th Virginia: Col Grigsby
    33rd Virginia: Col John F. Neff (k), Capt George Huston

  • Second Brigade: Col Bradley T. Johnson
    1st Virginia Battalion: Maj John Seddon (ill), Capt O.C. Anderson
    21st Virginia: Capt William A. Witcher
    42nd Virginia: Capt John E. Penn
    48th Virginia: Lt Virginius Dabney (w), Capt W.W. Goldsborough (w)

  • Third Brigade: Col Alexander G. Taliaferro
    47th Alabama: Col James W. Jackson
    48th Alabama: Col J.L. Sheffield
    10th Virginia: LtCol S.T. Walker
    23rd Virginia:
    37th Virginia:

  • Fourth Brigade: BG Starke, Col Leroy A. Stafford
    1st Louisiana:
    2nd Louisiana: Col J.M. Williams
    9th Louisiana: Col Stafford
    10th Louisiana: LtCol William Spencer (k)
    15th Louisiana: Col Edmund Pendleton
    Coppen's Louisiana Battalion: Maj G. Coppens

  • Artillery: Major L.M. Shumaker
    Alleghany Artillery (VA): Capt Joseph Carpenter
    Baltimore Artillery (MD): Capt J.B. Brockenbrough
    Danville Artillery (VA): Capt George W. Wooding
    Hampden Artillery (VA): Capt William H. Caskie
    Lee Artillery (VA): Capt Charles I. Raine
    Rice's Battery (VA): Capt W.H. Rice
    Rockbridge Artillery (VA): Capt William T. Poague
    Winchester Battery (VA): Capt W.E. Cutshaw

Light Division: Major General A.P. Hill

  • Branch's Brigade: BG Lawerence O. Branch
    7th North Carolina: Capt R.B. MacRae
    18th North Carolina: LtCol T.J. Purdie
    28th North Carolina: Col James H. Lane
    33rd North Carolina: Col Robert F. Hoke
    37th North Carolina: Col William M. Barbour

  • Archer's Brigade: BG James J. Archer
    5th Alabama Battalion: Capt Thomas Bush, Lt Charles M. Hooper
    19th Georgia: Capt F.M. Johnston
    1st Tennessee (Provisional Army): Col Peter Turney
    7th Tennessee: Maj S.G. Shepard
    14th Tennessee: Col W.A. Forbes (w), Maj James W. Lockert

  • Pender's Brigade: BG William D. Pender
    16th North Carolina: Capt L.W. Stowe
    22nd North Carolina: Maj C.C. Cole
    34th North Carolina: Col Richard H. Riddick
    38th North Carolina: Capt John Ashford

  • Field's Brigade: BG Charles W. Field (w), Col J.M. Brockenbrough
    40th Virginia: Col Brockenbrough
    47th Virginia: Col Robert M. Mayo
    55th Virginia: Col Frank Mallory
    22nd Virginia Battalion:

  • Gregg's Brigade: BG Maxey Gregg
    1st South Carolina: Maj Edward McGrady Jr. (w), Capt G.W. McCreary
    1st South Carolina (Orr's Rifles): Col J. Foster Marshall (k),
    LtCol Daniel Ledbetter (k), Capt J.J. Norton, Capt G. McD. Miller
    12th South Carolina: Col Dixon Barnes
    13th South Carolina: Col O.E. Edwards (w), Capt Duncan
    14th South Carolina: Col Samuel McGowan (w), LtCol W.D. Simpson

  • Thomas' Brigade: Col Edward L. Thomas
    14th Georgia: Col R.W. Folsom
    35th Georgia:
    45th Georgia: Maj W.L. Grice
    49th Georgia: LtCol S.M. Manning

  • Artillery: LtCol Robert L. Walker
    Fredericksburg Artillery (VA): Capt Carter Braxton
    Crenshaw's Battery (VA): Capt W.G. Crenshaw
    Letcher Artillery (VA): Capt Greenlee Davidson
    Middlesex Artillery (VA): Lt W.B. Hardy
    Branch Artillery (NC): Lt John R. Potts
    Pee Dee Artillery (SC): Capt D.G. McIntosh
    Purcell Artillery (VA): Capt W.J. Pegram

Third Division: Major General Richard S. Ewell (w), BG A.R. Lawton

  • Lawton's Brigade: BG Lawton, Col Marcellus Douglass
    13th Georgia: Col Douglass
    26th Georgia:
    31st Georgia:
    38th Georgia:
    60th Georgia: Maj T.J. Berry
    61st Georgia:

  • Trimble's Brigade: BG Issac R. Trimble (w), Capt W.F. Brown
    15th Alabama: Maj A.A. Lowther
    12th Georgia: Capt Brown
    21st Georgia: Capt Thomas C. Glover
    21st North Carolina: LtCol Sanders Fulton (k)
    1st North Carolina Battalion:

  • Hays' Brigade: Col Henry Forno (w), Col H.B. Strong
    5th Louisiana:
    6th Louisiana:
    7th Louisiana:
    8th Louisiana: Maj T.D. Lewis
    14th Louisiana:

  • Early's Brigade: BG Jubal A. Early
    13th Virginia: Col James A. Walker
    25th Virginia: Col George H. Smith
    31st Virginia: Col John S. Hoffman
    44th Virginia:
    49th Virginia: Col William Smith
    52nd Virginia:
    58th Virginia: Col Samuel Letcher

  • Artillery
    Staunton Artillery (VA): Lt A.W. Garber
    Chesapeake Artillery (MD): Capt William D. Brown
    Louisiana Guard Artillery: Capt L. E. D'Aquin
    1st Maryland Battery: Capt W.F. Dement
    Johnson's Battery (VA): Capt John R. Johnson
    Courtney Artillery: Capt J.W. Latimer

Cavalry Division: Major General J.E.B. Stuart

  • Robertson's Brigade: BG Beverly H. Robertson
    2nd Virginia: Col Thomas T. Munford
    6th Virginia: Col T.S. Flournoy
    7th Virginia: Col William E. Jones, Capt S.B. Myers
    12th Virginia: Col A.W. Harman
    17th Virginia Battalion: Maj W. Patrick

  • Lee's Brigade: BG Fitzhugh Lee
    1st Virginia: Col L.T. Brien
    3rd Virginia:
    4th Virginia: Col W.C. Wickham
    5th Virginia: Col Thomas L. Rosser
    9th Virginia: Col W.H.F. Lee

  • Artillery
    Virginia Battery (Stuart Horse Artillery): Maj John Pelham

Did You Know?

Did you know?

Our approximately 1,500 acres of managed grasslands are maintained by seasonal cutting. Cutting allows the grasses to fulfill the various habitat needs of the many important bird species we have in the park.