Scenic Drive

Scenic Drive (Highway 176)

Scenic Drive in the Fall (Highway 176)

The eleven-mile scenic drive is located on the western side of the canyon along AL Highway 176 (off AL Highway 35). This area is located near Fort Payne, Alabama.

The scenic drive begins with Little River Falls Boardwalk Overlook and ends at Eberhart Point Overlook.

The Scenic drive allows the visitor to view the splendor of the canyon from a series of overlooks. Each overlook has a pull-off to park and enjoy the scenery; very little walking is required.

Touring the scenic drive and the overlooks is free of charge. It is open during daylight hours. No one is allowed in these areas after dark.

Scenic Drive Map

Little River Falls Boardwalk

Lynn Overlook

Mushroom Rock

Hawks Glide Overlook

Canyon View Overlook

Wolf Creek Overlook

Crow Point Overlook

Grace's High Falls Overlook

Eberhart Point Overlook


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