Frequently Asked Questions


Can I have alcohol in the park?

A. It is illegal to have alcohol inside the Preserve.

ATV Riding will not be permitted after September 1, 2010.

Will I be able to ride my ATV in the park?

A. Beginning September 1, 2010 ATV's will no longer be allowed in the preserve.

Q. Will my permit still be good?

A. All ATV permits will be terminated effective September 1, 2010.

Q. Why was the decision made to stop ATV's?

A. In reviewing the laws, policies and regulations as part of the general management planning process, it was recognized that we could not allow ATV use.

Q. What law says I can't ride my ATV in the preserve?

A. Executive Order 11644, as amended and National Park regulations. These Federal requirements do not permit vehicles to travel on designated roads or parking lots in the preserve.

Q. When was this law passed?

A. Executive Order 11644 was issued by President Nixon on February 8, 1972. It directly governs the use of off-road vehicles, including vehicles driven on roads, in units of the National Park System. This Executive Order and the NPS regulations established under it, prohibit the use of ORV's on roads within National park System units.

Q. ATV riding was allowed before, why not now?

A. Although limited ATV use has occurred since this property was set aside as a national preserve, Executive Order 11644 and associated regulations restrict our authority to do so.

Q. Why can't ATV use be continued as before?

A. After thorough legal review, it was determined that ATV use is prohibited in the Preserve. The NPS is required to enforce that regulation.

Q. Will I ever be able to ride my ATV in the preserve again?

A. The development of a Backcountry Management Plan could examine visitor uses and identify some locations or trails for ORV use that does not impair resources. That would allow ATV's to return to the preserve in a limited fashion.

Q. How can I voice my opinion?

A. The best time to voice your opinion will be when the Backcountry Management Plan is being developed.

Q. How will I know when the Backcountry Management Plan will be devleoped?

A. A pubilc notice will be posted in the newspaper and an announcement will be posted on our website after the General Management Plan is complete and funding is secured to develop the plan. .


Is camping allowed in the national preserve?

A. Yes, Camping is allowed only at three designated primitive sites in the Backcountry Area; Slant Rock, Billy's Ford and Hartline Ford.

Q. Can I reserve a campsite?

A. No, the sites are on a first come, first served basis.

Q. Is there a fee to camp?

No, all three sites are free of charge.

Q. Are the campsites always open?

A. No, the campsites are closed during gun hunts.Camping is allowed February 1 - September 30.

Q. Can I camp in the canyon?

A. No, camping is only allowed in the Backcountry Area at one of the three designated sites.

Q. Can I camp while backpacking in the canyon?

A. No, camping is only allowed in the Backcountry Area at one of the three designated sites.

Q. Can I hike the entire length of the canyon in a day?

A. No, due to the rough terrain and the fact that there is no trail, it would take longer than a day. Only day hikes are allowed. You cannot camp in the canyon.

Q. Do the Backcountry campsites have water, sewer or electricity?
A. No, the three sites are primitive campsites. An outhouse is available, but you will have to bring your drinking water.

Q. Are the campsites easy to get to?

A. No, the Backcountry roads are narrow, in rough condition and you may have to cross creeks. We suggest a 4-wheel drive vehicle.


Can I bring fireworks to the preserve?

A. No, it is illegal to have fireworks inside the Preserve.


Q. Can I fish in the preserve?

A. Yes, fishing is allowed anywhere on Little River within the Preserve with a valid fishing license.

Q. Do I need a fishing license to fish at the Preserve?

A. Yes, you must have an Alabama Fishing License or Alabama Out-of-State Fishing License.

Q. What are the most popular fish?

A. Bass, bluegill, crappie and catfish are the most popular.

Q. Can I fish with a net?

A. No fish net or seining allowed.


Do you have any hiking maps available?

A. No, not at this time. We do have a site map that is helpful.

Q. Where are the hiking areas?

A. Eberhart Point has a three-quarter mile trail from the top of the canyon to the bottom. The trail is strenuous. The scenery is beautiful.
Beaver Pond Trail (off Highway 176) is perfect for bird watchers. This easy trail takes you through a variety of wooded and open environments.
Lower Two-Mile Trail along Highway 176 is a popular put-in/take-out for kayakers. It is steep and strenuous.
Canyon Mouth Picnic Area has a hiking trail that is being renovated but is open to the public. The trail is almost a mile long (one way).

Horseback Riding

Q. Can I ride my horse at the Preserve?

A. Yes, horseback riding is allowed in the Backcountry Area on designated numbered roads 01-11.

Q. How many miles of road are there in the Backcountry?

A. There are about 23 miles of road in the Backcountry.

Q. Do you provide horses or equipment?

A. No, you must furnish your own horse.

Q. Where do I tie my horse up if I want to have a picnic?

A. You can tie your horse up anywhere along the trail but please do not tie horses within 100 feet of a water source due to potential of polluting the water.

Q. Can I camp at one of the campsites with my horse?

A. No.

Q. Do I need a permit to ride my horse in the Backcountry?

A. No, horseback riding does not require a permit.


Can I hunt anywhere in the Preserve?

A. No, hunting is allowed in the Backcountry Area (Little River Canyon Wildlife Management Area) during specified dates and times.

Q. Do I need a hunting license?

A. Yes, you must obtain an Alabama Hunting License, Wildlife Management Area Permit and Day-Use Permits (when they apply).


Q. How can I find out the water level?


Q. Do you rent kayaks or canoes?

A. No, you have to provide all of your own equipment.

Q. How difficult are the rapids on Little River?

A. On a scale of I (beginner) - VI (expert) in difficulty in navigating the rapids, Little River is a III - VI. These rapids are for experts, we do not recommend that beginners try this river.

Q. Do you offer a shuttle service?
No, a shuttle service is not provided. You have to provide your own transportation.


Q. Can I bring my pet with me to the Preserve?

A. Yes, pets are welcome in the Preserve as long as they remain on a leash at all times.

Restrooms / Outhouses

Where are the restrooms located?

A. Restrooms are located at Little River Falls, Eberhart Point, Canyon Mouth Day Use Area. Outhouses are available at Billy's Ford, Hartline Ford and Slant Rock.

Rock Climbing

Can I rock climb at the Preserve?

A. Yes, rock climbing and rappelling are allowed in the Preserve. Some of the cliffs at the overlooks have bolts.

Q. Can I add bolts to make my own route?

A. No bolts can be added or taken out without written permission from the Superintendent. No equipment that would allow you to add or take out bolts is allowed on your person.

Q. Are the rock climbing routes mapped?

A. No, we do not have the routes mapped at this time.

Q. Do you rent rock climbing equipment?

A. No, rockclimbers have to provide all of their own equipment.

Did You Know?