• Photo by: John Dersham

    Little River Canyon

    National Preserve Alabama

Little River Falls Boardwalk

Little River Falls Boardwalk Overlook

View from Little River Falls Boardwalk Overlook

Little River Falls Boardwalk Overlook offers a view of the falls from afar. You can see the river as it begins its journey down the canyon.

This is the first overlook along the eleven mile developed scenic drive (Highway 176).

The boardwalk is 100 feet long and 6 feet wide. It provides easy access to visitors in wheelchairs or other disabilities.

In the winter and early spring you may see kayakers as they run the rapids of the river.

In the summer and fall you may see wildlife along the river. The view from the overlook is very colorful in the fall.

Take a few minutes and enjoy your picnic lunch at one of the several picnic tables here.

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