Backcountry Reservations

Requests for advance backcountry reservations for the summer season are accepted only from the first Wednesday in January (starting 8 am MST) through May 15. All requests must be submitted using the website Customers will be able to view backcountry campsite availability in real-time and apply for reservations accordingly. You will be charged a $35 non-refundable processing fee for each trip upon completion of your reservation.

The park will reserve up to one-third of each camping zone in advance, and save two-thirds of each zone for those who wish to get a first-come, first-served permit in person one day before the start of a backcountry trip (walk-in permit). Those who do not secure an advanced reservation may still apply for a walk-in permit. During peak season (July and August), competition for these walk-in permits is high. Beginning summer 2014, backcountry campers will be charged a $25 fee for each walk-in permit.

Be sure to research your trip itinerary before you attempt to reserve your trip. You may download the Backcountry Camping Brochure (Adobe pdf file) to view our backcountry map with the locations of campsites and mileages between them. You can also purchase topographical maps and books describing the trails by visiting the Grand Teton Association website at

Be aware that ice axes will be necessary for safe passage over all divides and passes (marked on our planning map and on topographical maps) until around the third week of July. Divides melt out on different dates each year depending on the past winter's snowpack depth and spring temperatures. For current backcountry conditions visit the Jenny Lake Climbing Rangers blogspot. Permits are not required for day climbs.

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Backcountry Video
Backcountry Grand Teton National Park

Backpackers enjoying the high country in Grand Teton National Park.

The park's new backcountry video will help prepare you for your adventure in Grand Teton National Park. Learn about safe travel, camping in bear country, clean camping principles and summer weather.


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