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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I hike?
Do I need a permit for the backcountry?
Where can I take my dog?
Where can I eat?
Where are the picnic areas located in the park?
Where can I fish?

Where can I obtain a Nevada fishing license?
T & D's Country Store, located in Baker.
Is there any lodging in or around Baker?
Where is the closest gas station?
What services are in the town of Baker?
What other nearby attractions are there?

Are fires permitted in the park?
Yes, fires are permitted in developed campgrounds, established primitive campsites, and picnic areas. Fires are permitted in backcountry areas below 10,000 feet, with the exception of Bristlecone pine groves.

Where can I get firewood?
Ferg's Firewood in Baker; follow the signs. 24 hour availability, self-serve. $5 per large bundle.

Dead wood on the ground may be collected in the park for use as fuel for campfires; except above 10,000 ft of elevation. Collecting anywhere near bristlecone pine groves is not permitted.


When was Great Basin National Park designated?
Great Basin National Park - October 27, 1986
Lehman Caves National Monument - January 24, 1922

What is the annual visitation?
The park receives approximately 90,000 visitors per year. About 50,000 people visit Lehman Caves annually.

What is the Great Basin?

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Did You Know?

Bonneville Cutthroat Trout

The Bonneville cutthroat trout is the only trout native to Great Basin National Park and East Central Nevada. Ancestors of the current Bonneville cutthroat trout were abundant in ancient Lake Bonneville 16,000 to 18,000 years ago, the remnant of what is now the Great Salt Lake in Utah.