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Elevation Gain

Starting Elevation


Mountain View Nature Trail

0.3 miles

(0.4 km)

80 feet

(25 m)

6,825 feet

(2,080 m)

This is a leisurely walk in the pinyon-juniper forest. The trail guide (available for loan at the visitor center desk) describes the geology and ecology of the area. The trail starts at the Rhodes Cabin next to the Lehman Caves Visitor Center.

Sky Islands Forest Trail

0.4 miles



9,800 feet

(2,990 m)

This gentle, wheelchair accessible, trail winds through a high alpine conifer forest. Interpretive signs explain how this forest exists, cut off from other forests by distance, elevation, and time. Begin at the Bristlecone Parking lot at the end of the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive.

Osceola Ditch Trail

9.2 miles

(14.8 km)

500 feet

(152 m)

8,400 feet

(2,620 m)

Begin at the signed pull-out on the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive. Walk down slope through ponderosa pine, white fir and Douglas fir trees to the remnant of an 18 mile long channel built by gold miners in the 1880's.

Lexington Arch Trail

5.4 miles

(8.6 km)

*Add 1 - 2 miles
(1.6 - 3.2 km) for washout.

820 feet

(255 m)

7,440 feet

(2,320 m)

This trail leads to a six-story limestone arch. The trail has some steep sections. The trailhead is outside of the park, about 25 miles (48 km) south of Baker. The road to the trailhead is unpaved.
*Due to damage sustained by wildfire, the Lexington Arch road is severely washed out. Vehicles will have to park approximately 0.5 - 1 mile before the official parking area/trailhead begins as a result. Drive as far as you feel comfortable and walk the rest of the way. There is not a designated parking area. Do not block the road or damage vegetation when parking. Look for orange trail markers on trees to guide you towards the trailhead through the washout. (7/31/2019)

Alpine Lakes Loop Trail

2.7 miles

(4.4 km)

600 feet

(180 m)

9,800 feet

(2,990 m)

The trail passes two beautiful alpine lakes, Stella and Teresa Lakes, with great views of Wheeler Peak. Begin at the Bristlecone Parking Area, near the Wheeler Peak Campground.



2.8 miles

(4.6 km)

600 feet

(180 m)

9,800 feet

(2,990 m)

Interpretive signs in the bristlecone pine grove explain the lives and significance of these ancient trees.

Bristlecone and Glacier Trail

4.6 miles

(7.4 km)

1,100 feet

(340 m)

9,800 feet

(2,990 m)

The Glacier Trail is the continuation of the Bristlecone Trail. It continues beyond the bristlecone pine grove to the only glacier in Nevada, nestled beneath Wheeler Peak.

Lehman Creek Trail

6.8 miles

(11 km)

2,050 feet

(620 m)

7,750 feet

(2,360 m)

This trail can be accessed from trailheads in both the Wheeler Peak and Upper Lehman Creek Campgrounds. It passes through diverse habitats, paralleling a creek for parts of the trail.

Wheeler Peak Summit Trail

8.6 miles

(14 km)

2,900 feet

(890 m)

10,160 feet

(3,100 m)

This hike should be started very early in the day because of the risk of afternoon storms. Along most of the route, the trail follows the ridge up to the Wheeler Peak summit. It is easiest to begin the hike from the Summit Trail parking area.

Baker Lake Trail

12.0 miles

(19.4 km)

2,620 feet

(800 m)

8,000 feet

(2,440 m)

The trail begins at the end of the Baker Creek Road. It offers nice views of the surrounding peaks and ends at Baker Lake, an alpine lake with surrounded by beautiful cliffs.

South Fork Baker Creek/

Johnson Lake

11.2 miles

(18.2 km)

2,740 feet

(840 m)

8,000 feet

(2,440 m)

This trail splits off from the Baker Lake Trail and follows the South Fork of Baker Creek. It then joins with the Johnson Lake Trail, passing historic Johnson Lake Mine structures just before reaching the lake.

Johnson Lake Trail (from Snake Creek)

7.4 miles

(11.8 km)

2,420 feet

(740 m)

8,320 feet

(2,540 m)

Johnson Lake can also be reached by starting at the end of Snake Creek Road. This shorter, steeper route offers nice views of the Snake Creek drainage before reaching the lake and historic Johnson Lake Mine area.

Warning: do not enter any mine structures!

Baker Lake/ Johnson Lake Loop

13.1 miles

(21.1 km)

3,290 feet

(1010 m)

8,000 feet

(2,440 m)

The Baker Lake and Johnson Lake Trails can be combined as a loop hike. The connecting section is a steep route over the ridge between Baker and Johnson Lakes. The ridgetop offers spectacular views in all directions, including the south faces of Wheeler Peak and Baker Peak.


3.2 miles
(5.2 km)

657 ft
(200 m)

8,200 ft
(250 m)

This hillside loop trail takes you up to almost 9,000 feet providing an expansive view over the Great Basin before looping back down to the parking area. The trailhead and small parking area are located about a ¼ mile before the end of Snake Creek Rd.

Last updated: July 30, 2021

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