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    National Park & Preserve Alaska


a laughing woman riding a bike, attached to a tiny dog by a leash
Pets must be leashed at all times. They are welcome on roadways and parking lots, but neither on trails nor off-trail, in the wilderness.
nps photo / kent miller
Keeping Your Pet Safe and Happy

Pets are welcome in Denali National Park and Preserve - but to protect other visitors, wildlife and your pets themselves, please remember these regulations:

  • Pets must be leashed (6' or shorter leash) at all times
  • You may not leave a tethered pet unattended
  • Pets may be walked on the Park Road, in parking lots, or on campground roads
  • In general, pets are not permitted on park trails, nor off-trail in the wilderness; the exception to this rule is the Roadside Trail, where they may be walked on leash. Check out a map of hiking trails to orient yourself.
  • Pets are not permitted on any of the various buses in Denali
Pet Boarding

We suggest you contact the local Chamber of Commerce for suggestions on kennel services in the area.

a gray dog and black dog sitting on a dog bed in a house
Sometimes your pets are happier staying home.
nps photo / elizabeth beavers

Did You Know?

an arctic ground squirrel on its hind legs

Nearly 500 vegetation plots have been installed in Denali, to monitor climate change. Warmer temperatures allow woody plants to grow at higher elevations, invading the fragile and unique plants already in high alpine tundra - and threatening the animals that depend on those specialized plants.