• pond surrounded by green brush, reflecting a distant range of snow-covered mountains that are dominated by one massive mountain


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Wonder Lake Campground

green spruce forest in front of a distant view of a massive, snow-covered mountain; some clouds and a blue sky

Mount McKinley, seen from Wonder Lake

NPS Photo

Wonder Lake Campground Panoramic

Not sure if the view outweighs the mosquitoes notorious to Wonder Lake Campground? Take a peek and decide for yourself.

This pano has a link to a series of images higher up in the Alaska Range. Other panoramic images of the park are available, too.

At the Foot of Mount McKinley

Wonder Lake Campground is at mile 85 on the Denali Park Road. It offers 28 sites, which are all tent-only.

It is the closest campground to Mt. McKinley. Though separated by nearly 26 miles, the sheer size of the mountain makes it loom impressively over Wonder Lake Campground.

Cloudy skies can still obscure views, and mosquitoes can be fierce, but Wonder Lake on a clear day offers images that will last a lifetime.

Wonder Lake is accessible by camper bus.
An adult and juvenile beaver in water
Beavers, or evidence of them, can often be seen in the Wonder Lake area
NPS photo / kent miller
What to Expect at Wonder Lake

There is no electricity, but potable water is available in the campground.

Campers must use the food storage facilities in the campground for all food and scented items (e.g., toothpaste).

Fires are not permitted at Wonder Lake.

Wonder Lake is in a very wet part of the park, and mosquitoes plague the area for much of the summer. A head-net is very useful. A one mile trail leads from the campground to the McKinley River. Hiking off-trail in the area is permitted, though it can be boggy.

Waterfowl can often be seen, either on Wonder Lake or the many ponds and small lakes in the area. Beavers, or evidence of them, can be found as well. Larger animals, like moose and grizzly bears, occasionally pass through the area.

Download a map of the Wonder Lake and Kantishna area
Wonder Lake is about a five minute walk from the campground
Wonder Lake is about a quarter-mile / five minute walk from Wonder Lake Campground. Mosquito head-nets are useful for most of the summer.
nps photo / kent miller
Campground Regulations

Necessities - Toilets are near the campground entrance. Potable water is available at the campground. No fires are permitted at Wonder Lake.

Be courteous - Quiet hours are between 10 pm and 6 am.

Wildlife & food storage - Keep all food and scented items (e.g., toothpaste, sunscreen, ice chests/coolers, etc.) in the food storage building. Label and date your items. Keep a clean camp and wash your dishes immediately. Learn more about wildlife safety.

Fire - Fires are not permitted in Wonder Lake Campground. You must use a camping stove to cook meals.

Pets - Pets are not permitted on camper buses. Learn more about bringing your pet to Denali.

Fishing - Fishing is permitted, and Wonder Lake sometimes yields trout and grayling. Learn more about fishing in Denali.
Reservation information

Learn more about ranger programs in Wonder Lake Campground

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