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While many choose to enjoy a relaxing float down the Yukon, enjoying the grandeur of interior Alaska, there are those that would like to add a few things to the itinerary to enhance the experience. Some choose the adventurous route down the Charley River and to watch its wildlife. Others enjoy stopping along the Yukon River to view historic remnants of bygone eras. You will NOT see RVs, smell car exhaust, or wait in line. You WILL experience solitude, quiet, and the natural beauty of eastern Interior Alaska and the Yukon River.
Kayaks on the shore of the Yukon River
Experience the Spell of the Yukon
Rafts on the Charley River
Discover a fully federally-protected, 100-plus mile long National Wild River
Interior of the Nation Bluff Cabin
Experience the living history of the cabins & relics of a bygone era
A hiker on a high ridgeline
Learn how to plan a backpacking trip in the preserve
Tents set up on the bank of the Yukon River
Learn about camping in the Yukon River country
A man fly fishing on a river
Cast a line in the preserve's wide array of waters
A snowmachine on the Yukon River in winter

Winter Recreation

Ski, mush, and snowmachine through the preserve

Mushing on the Yukon River

Photo by Amanda Gecas

Go back in time, along a historic mushing route
Caribou rack and game bags on a raft on a river bank

Photo by Travis Booms

Learn about the many opportunities for hunting in the preserve

Last updated: May 13, 2021

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