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photographed & sketched some next morning.

July 20.
Left the Middle Canon & went as far as the devils slide on Cinnabar Mt. where we camped for the night. July 21 Sketched & photos in the morning. The main party passed us in the forenoon. went on in the afternoon as far as the Hot springs on Gardners River

July 22 in Camp at Hot Springs July 23 in Camp at " " July 24 in Camp at. Left in the afternoon & went as far as day light allowed & camped in a small Ravine near the Yellowstone

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July 25 Left camp in the Ravine early & touched the Yellowstone at the Bridge Thence to Tower Falls.

July 26 Remained at Tower Falls sketching & photographing

July 27 Left Tower Falls. Halted at noon on Mt. Washburne. Arrived at Yellowstone falls in the evening.

July 28. Sketching & photographing about the Falls.

July 29 photographing & sketching around the Falls & Canon

July 30 still at the Falls.

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