Casualties of the Pearl Harbor attack

More than just a significant military battle in world history, the events at Pearl Harbor awakened the local military and civilian residents to the character of war. At the moment bombs began to fall, these men and women were instantly engaged into the depths of the human condition.

A total of 2,390 American service members and civilians were killed at Pearl Harbor due to the Dec. 7 attack.

Service Members

Of the 2,341 service members that died on December 7, 1941, almost half of them died on the USS Arizona, a total of 1,177. The second largest loss of life was on the USS Oklahoma, with 429 lost.

Here you will find a list of USS Arizona survivors.

Here is a list of the brothers who served together on the USS Arizona.

This is a list of the USS Arizona survivors who have since passed away, but chose to be interred back into the ship with their shipmates.

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