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Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace
Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace


Is this the original house?

-No. The original structure was torn down in 1916. The current brownstone is a reconstruction of the original. Its construction began in 1919, and the completed museum and period rooms were opened to the public in 1924. Read More about the structure's story here.

Was the Teddy Bear named after Theodore Roosevelt?

-Yes! Click here to learn more.

Can I take a self-guided tour of the period rooms?

- No. The period rooms may be visited only on a guided tour. See our tour schedule for details and times. A maximum of eighteen visitors are allowed on each tour. There are no reservations for these tours and visitors are received on a first come, first served basis. Groups of ten or more please see how you can reserve tours.

Can tours be reserved?

-Yes. But these are generally for school and community groups of ten or more individuals. Click here for more info.

Can I join a tour that is already under way?

- No. Latecomers will be asked to join the next available tour. However, waiting visitors are welcome to take a self-guided tour around the lower gallery, which is open to the general public. The lower gallery hosts exhibit cases containing T.R. memorabilia, a 25- minute film about Theodore Roosevelt's childhood and exhibits that highlight his legacy.

How tall was Theodore Roosevelt?

-As an adult, Theodore was five feet, eight inches tall.

How did Theodore like his eggs?

-He liked them hard boiled...with waffles on the side.

Did T.R. really drink a lot of coffee?

-Yes. He drank about one gallon per day.

Last updated: August 24, 2023

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