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Find The Perfect Sunrise & Sunset

Chisos Mountains Sunset

Where is the best place to see the sunrise or sunset? Truly, the answer is anywhere in the park! With huge horizons and dramatic scenery, it is spectacular wherever you are. With such a large park and so many options, you just might discover your own perfect place!

Don’t forget to look behind you— as the sun rises or sets, the light on the deserts, rocks, and canyons in all directions may be even more beautiful than the sun and clouds.  

Easy To Get To

Along Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive, stop at Sotol Vista for a western view including Santa Elena Canyon with chiaroscuro— both light and shadow!  

In the Chisos Basin, walk the Window View Trail and sit on a bench to watch the Window frame your sunset.  

In Rio Grande Village, hike the short Nature Trail near campsite 18 for a 360 degree view!   

Climb the path up a short hill by the Fossil Discovery Exhibit and enjoy a view of the hoodoos to the west.

Stop by Mule Ears Overlook along Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive for interesting geology and great views.

Challenging Spots

Get a permit for a backcountry campsite close to the South Rim. Rewards for this 14-mile backpacking trip are seeing the sunset from the top of the 2,000 foot cliff. Wake up early from camp to see sunrise too!

Drive the Old Ore Road (high-clearance and four wheel drive needed) for great views to the west.


Your pet may only go where your car can go. They are not allowed on trails, off roads, or on the river.       

All vehicles entering Big Bend National Park are subject to an entrance fee.

Year Round
Check sunrise and sunset times, posted with the daily reports at the visitor centers, campgrounds, and bulletin boards around the park.
Accessibility Information

Sotol Vista and Mule Ears Overlook both have paved parking lot with wheelchair accessible walkways.

Numerous scenic pull-outs along the park's paved roads, especially along Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive, offer accessible spots to visitors with impaired mobility.

Big Bend National Park, Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River

Last updated: February 7, 2021