Stephen F. and Louisa Jones' Children

Christiana Jones later in life
Christiana Jones later in life.

Christiana Anna Jones
Photo taken around the age of 55-60 years old.
Born February 1853 in Van Zandt County, Texas.
Married Calvin Witter "Wit" Adair on March 17, 1867 in Parker County, TX
Died December 22, 1928 in Wichita, KS

Samuel E. Jones
Born April 16, 1856 in Parker County, TX
Died November 4, 1878 in Weatherford, TX due to the bite of a rabid skunk that wondered into camp during a cattle drive, while the men were sleeping.
Never married.

Charles H. Jones
Born October 28, 1859 in Parker County, TX
Died September 3, 1867 in Parker County, TX
Never married.

three young ladies
Loutie Jones, Colie and Nettie Adair

Louisa M. or "Loutie" Jones
Loutie (on the far left), Mary F. "Colie" Adair, and Nettie Adair
Colie and Nettie were Loutie's nieces. Christiana (Loutie's sister) was their mother.

Loutie was born September 5, 1871 in Denver, Colorado Territory
Married E. Percy Hickman on June 12, 1889 in Kansas City, MO.
Died November 29, 1894 in Strong City,KS.


In the 1900 Federal Census for Kansas, Louisa M. Jones states that they had five children and only one is now living. (Doc. #

Dates of Birth and Death of Samuel E. and Charles H. Jones are taken from the cemetery markers on their graves located in the Jones-Dean Cemetery in Parker County, Texas.

Dates of birth and death of Stephen F. and Louisa M. Jones are that shown on their grave marker located in Prairie Grove Cemetery, Cottonwood Falls, Kansas.


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